2020 Design Trends

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November 25, 2019

2020 Design Trends
With 2020 just around the corner, the design community is wondering what next year will bring. Research shows design is trending in many different ways. Here are some of the trends you’ll be seeing.

  1. Monochromatic
    Simple is in! Do you remember the enthusiastic use of duotone from a few years ago? Well, there has been a shift to use a monochrome filter by many graphic designers as of late.

    Monochromatic Example 1
    Monochromatic Example 2

  2. Transparency
    The use of different kinds of transparency in design can bring attention to or away from an element. Transparent type can bring attention to what the copy says, while a transparency used as a background can make the text or front design element, the star of the show.

    Transparency Example 1
    Transparency Example 2

  3. Mixed Media/Collage Art
    Who remembers the little doodles you made in your notebook in school? Well now those doodles are starting to become a major design element. Using a doodle in your design can help make your design feel less formal.

    Collage Example 1
    Collage Example 2

  4. Gradient
    Gradients are set to shine this year. If you think gradients are only for backgrounds then you are in for a shock. Expect to see gradients used in anything from color filters to simplified graphics for added depth.
    Gradient Example 1
    Gradient Example 2
  5. Dual-Image Masking
    Image masking has been a popular design element for a while now. Don’t expect this element to go away anytime soon. Text masking is a bit newer when it comes to design elements, but it falls into the same popularity going into 2020 as image masking.

    Dual-Image Example 1Dual-Image Example 1

  6. Isometric Design
    Isometric design isn’t a new element, it’s been used for years to illustrate 3-dimensional ideas in a 2-dimensional space. In 2020, you can expect to see isometric design moving into a motion space. Animating those isometric designs is where they will shine in the new year.

    Isometric Example 1
    Isometric Example 2

  7. Metallic
    Metallic elements in design are a rising trend in 2020. These design elements require a minimalistic approach. A popular companion to use with a metallic element would be an emboss/deboss. When used in print an embossed metallic print will shine a bright light on your design.

    Metallic Example 1

    Metallic Example 2

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