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March 30, 2020

Home is the new HQ

Your 3-step plan for running a virtual company

Pre-COVID-19, a number of companies were already embracing the whole virtual office experience. So while the trend is not new, more companies are being asked to give their employees work-from-home options during the recent quarantine mandates. So, how do you make the experience work? CMO consulting firm Chief Outsiders offers this three-pronged approach:

Ditch the phone
We are social creatures. People need people. Texts, emails and phone calls are a good start, but you need face-to-face time. Facial expressions are hard to replicate. Try video conferencing. Popular options include Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting. You can even record the meetings and share.

Celebrate everything
Quarantine + home office = nothing to celebrate. But you can find the bright side in everything. Stay optimistic and celebrate the small things. Give and share positive feedback. Keeping spirits up can be from different channels.

Communicate, communicate, communicate, communicate
The most difficult challenge of working remotely is communication. Everybody is someplace else. But you must continue to execute clearly and consistently. Try project management software like Basecamp. Trello, Asana and Send detailed lists and progress reports via emails, texts and video conferencing.

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