Just Hired Someone? What to Include Inside New Hire Packets
Just Hired Someone? What to Include Inside New Hire Packets

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August 4, 2022

You can tell a new hire some information about your company during an interview, but new hire packets are designed to share everything they need to know about working for you. The employee new hire packet needs to include all of the information to read and forms to fill out before they start at your office. Streamlining the onboarding process is vital for HR professionals and it starts with having the correct documents ready before a new hire arrives at the building. You want to make their first day as easy as possible so they can dive into learning on the first day of work.

In this blog, we explain why these packets are important and what should be included for every employee in each packet created during the kitting and fulfillment process. 

Why Creating New Hire Paperwork is Important

With all of the documents that are needed when hiring new employees, it is important to make sure new hire packets include all the necessary forms because they outline expectations and share company policies and procedures. The packet will help employees become better acquainted with the company and give them a feeling of belonging from the start. The right paperwork helps set better expectations on the part of new employees on the first day.

In addition, an employee new hire packet establishes a relationship with the company and team, ensures employees are paid accurately and helps the company to remain compliant with employment laws.

What to Include in Your Onboarding Packet

Let’s examine some common items that should be included in your new hire packets:

  1. Offer Letter

The offer letter includes important job details such as the start date, salary information, and work schedule. This document ensures everyone is on the same page about the job details and it is one of the first documents new hires view about the position.

  1. Job Description

Job descriptions detail the “nuts and bolts” of the position and the tasks expected of the employee. Navigating a new job can be challenging without an idea of what is expected on a daily basis.  

  1. Forms I-9 & W4

Federal forms like I-9 and W4 must be as complete and accurate as possible when starting a position.

  1. State Tax Forms

State tax forms are necessary in states that require state income tax withholding. Not all states mandate these forms, so speak to an expert about whether these forms are needed.

  1. Employee Handbook

These handbooks contain information such as company policies, benefits, salary and bonuses. Employee handbooks are the source for answers of commonly asked questions about your company so all employees should have a copy.

  1. Benefit Declaration Forms

Companies usually provide a number of benefits to employees including health insurance and 401Ks. Employees need to look over these benefits and decide how to proceed after reviewing any details they need to make informed decisions.

  1. Direct Deposit Forms

Direct deposit forms automate the payment process after the necessary banking information is received from the employee. 

  1. Background Check Disclosure Form

Background screenings are a common part of hiring new employees and they will need the proper forms to know what is involved in the process.

  1. Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreements

Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements establish what is expected of the employee once they no longer work for the company. These agreements put everyone on the same page and detail legal actions that can be taken if the confidentiality or competition agreements are broken.

  1. Emergency Contact Information

Emergency contact forms obtain the contact information of anyone employers will contact if accidents happen while the employee is at work.

Whether you have one location or multiple offices, our team can handle the kitting and fulfillment services of new hire forms for your company.

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