Large Format Print Design Tips
Large Format Print Design Tips

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September 8, 2022

Large format print design allows you to get the attention of the public with large graphics that brand your business and promote your services. Print design and technology has improved over the years which means it is important to stay current with the latest large format printing design tips.  It has often been said that a colorful and compelling banner brings your message together at a corporate event or trade show. Large format graphics are considered to be the focal point of your business at major events. In addition, they are vital to event branding and advertising strategies for businesses of any size. 

When designing your latest project, there are many design factors to consider. You don’t want your branding to be viewed as dated and not up to current standards. Large scale printing has evolved and print technology makes your visuals brighter and sharper than in the past. This article will share some design tips to keep you top of mind. 

Use Perspective

When designing your large format print project, it is important to keep the viewing perspective of the attendees in mind. Images that are located at a level that is high above attendees will have a different look than images that are placed closer to ground height. In addition, the perspective of the banners may impact the placement of images and text on the printed product in order to make sure you emphasize the desired information on your banner. Designs that are too crowded or busy or not clear are likely to lose their ability to deliver the desired message the further away they are from the ground. 

Work To Scale

Your large format print banner could be overly large (and even massive) in size once it is finished. In other words, it could prove to be unwieldy to work with once it is at full-size. To avoid this problem, consider scaling down the image to anywhere from ¼ to ⅙ of its size (while working with the image on a computer) to make it more manageable once it is printed and produced.

You will still want to use a fairly high resolution at these smaller sizes. This step is important because, when it scales, you will not have to make any further adjustments to the image. Be sure and let your printer of choice know the scale you were working with on your image so they can plan ahead and properly scale it to size.

Select Pantone Colors

The choice of the right color for your large banner can sometimes be a challenge because the colors you are viewing on a computer screen might not be the colors you want to use for the finished product. This issue can be solved by selecting Pantone colors as they are universally recognized among printers. You also need to keep the contrast in mind so you can be sure any text elements on the image are visible and readable against the background color. For example, use a dark font color against a light background color or simply limit your color palette. 

If you are having trouble with your color choices, remember that most printers and design programs use a CMYK format.  This allows you to see how your banner will look as you move along in the design process. If you need more color options, think about an RGB format since it gives more color options than the CMYK format.


Large signs that look busy and crowded are considered to be unpleasant to look at by the public. The act of spacing your text and images organizes your message and makes the delivery of the message much easier. Proper spacing means the public does not have to work hard to determine what you’re trying to tell them. Make sure the text spacing is proportional as well. Take a close look at the distance between letters in the same word, and even step back from the sign to make sure the text “looks right” and will attract customers. 

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