2023 Brand Awareness Trends
2023 Brand Awareness Trends

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November 3, 2022

It’s a fact that consumers interact with brands on a daily basis. Thanks to evolving technology, the Internet is carried in the pockets of the public no matter where they go. This makes it easier than ever to reach customers and increase your branding among the public. However, this can also pose a problem for you…How can you get your brand identity to stand out in the crowd? How can you make sure people will engage with your brand when they have so many options among the sea of logos, social media pages, memes, and websites they encounter each day?

Keeping up with the latest brand awareness trends is a full time task. In order to achieve your business goals, you need a firm understanding of the importance of branding and how you can use it to promote and improve brand activism among your customers in the coming year. 

Take a look below to discover some of the trends you will see in 2023. 

Make Doing Business Easy

While you might think the buying process for your business is simple, the public might have a different opinion. If you are not certain about the ease of interacting with consumers, ask their opinion via a simple online survey. If you end up receiving a large number of complaints about the same thing, that is definitely a sign that you need some improvement in the process.

Some common aspects of a positive buying experience include:

  • Products that are easy to find 
  • Popular items that are always available and in stock
  • Consistency with the quality and type of products being offered 
  • Quick response rate 
  • Simple billing that is also accurate 
  • Processing of payment transactions without any issues

If your products or services are of a higher quality than your competition, the ease of purchasing products can grow customer loyalty and compel consumers to be repeat customers. 

Social Media Engagement

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok make consumer marketing an interactive experience that can also build brand activism and loyalty. Don’t miss out on increased revenue by ignoring the world of social media.

Social media gives you the chance to reach new customers, stay connected with existing customers and make every buyer feel like you value their business. Here are some simple tips to help you make the most of social media marketing:

  • Post Often 

Update your social media on a daily basis to keep up with the flow of information. 

  • Post Material Appropriate to the Platform

Consider what each platform is designed to accomplish and tailor the content to match your brand identity. 

  • Engage With Followers

Encourage interaction with your followers by answering questions they ask and responding to comments left by others. You can even create polls and ask questions of your audience. 

If you are new to social media, start with one platform for a little while and then add another platform. Keep in mind that social media trends change at a rapid rate so stay aware of trends and post on a consistent basis.

Become Socially Responsible

Consumers often like to do business with companies that are socially responsible. The visibility you gain from helping the community will also help advertise your company and build brand awareness.

  • Go Green

Make your business as green as possible by considering green options in your supply chain. Let the public know you prioritize environmentally friendly practices by promoting this fact on receipts and sales emails. 

  • Partner With a Cause

Choose a local organization that is important to your business and community and partner with it to raise money or supplies on its behalf. When the organization puts out a newsletter or press release, they might mention your business. 

  • Volunteer at a Local Shelter

Give back a few times a year by holding a service day where you and your employees volunteer as a local shelter. You will be helping others while also being able to promote it on your social media platforms.

  • Host a Donation Drive

Use traditional and social media advertising mediums to tell the community you are collecting gently used items to donate to a good cause. The generosity of the public is always amazing and they will be happy to donate.

Most social responsibility practices cost little to get started. Plus, causes that require help from the community engage consumers and build trust in your brand.

At NextPage, we are already starting on our brand refresh for 2023 as we finish updating our website to improve the customer experience and engage customers smoothly on our digital platform. Ask today how you can take advantage of the latest brand awareness trends in 2023.  

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