Why Healthcare Insurance Companies Are Outsourcing Print
Why Healthcare Insurance Companies Are Outsourcing Print

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March 16, 2023

In many ways, health insurance companies control public access to medical care. It’s understandable why customers place their trust in an insurance company that provides access to medical care including the means to purchase insurance. That level of trust starts with health insurance companies communicating effectively with their clients by taking advantage of outsourcing printing services that create recurring monthly mailers that explain insurance plan selections, coverage information, and an explanation of benefits.

Health insurance marketing and communications teams need to use the power of outsourcing print services to manage the logistics involved in producing and distributing printed communications such as promotional postcards and benefits explanations. To help address some of these challenges, both care providers and health insurance firms are outsourcing the production of their sensitive documents to service providers like NextPage. In this article, we share why healthcare companies believe outsourcing print projects is an investment in the success of their company.

Quality of Printed Materials

Customers pay a lot of money for health insurance and they want to make sure their investment is worth the money. They want to know their provider puts a good amount of care and effort into their services. Printed communications make a powerful first impression so a provider needs to produce quality materials so clients can trust them to deliver quality services.

In an effort to save time and money, even the best marketing and communications leaders can produce inconsistent print materials that lack desired information. Whether this means using subpar in-house printing equipment or working with a third-party print procurement broker, the result can be a low-quality printed product that has nothing to show but wasted time and effort while also reflecting poorly on the insurance company. For this reason, it’s important to outsource print services to a partner with a focus on consistent, high-quality print marketing results on industry leading equipment (instead of a company that offers a lower price).

Outsourcing print production to the perfect partner gives health insurance providers an assurance that sensitive customer information is safe and secure.

Outsourcing Print Means On-time & Accurate Delivery

Customers want to know their health insurance provider is there for them in the most challenging times. This level of trust begins with a track record of timely communication from the provider in the best and worst of times. On-time information delivery is critical for customers to make informed decisions about their well-being when things are going well and also assuring them their insurance provider is there for them when the going is rough.

By paying close attention to the distribution and fulfillment practices of your outsourcing print partner, you can be sure they produce quality print materials that are delivered to your patients on-time with each mailing.

Outsourced Print is Cost Effective & Efficient

You need to remember that outsourced printing is cost-effective and efficient for your marketing budget in the long run. As healthcare costs continue to grow and profit margins continue to shrink, it might seem impossible to find a quality print marketing and communications partner. However, the effort to find the right partner is worth it as the cost and time spent searching outweighs the investment you make in money and time.

Ready to start the search for a trusted partner for your outsourcing printing services? If so, call the NextPage team today.

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