How Does Direct Mail Automation Work?
How Does Direct Mail Automation Work?

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June 15, 2023

A direct mail automation system eliminates the manual process involved with mailing a printed direct mail piece. A customer relationship management system (CRM) is one of the most integral parts of the process as it allows you to integrate direct mail with other automation tools and trigger campaigns. An automation platform handles multiple tasks online including design, printing, packing, and mailing. In addition, the decision to automate direct mail eliminates weeks or months of planning and labor associated with manual direct mail campaigns. Direct mail marketing automation also makes it easier to track the progress of direct mail items and then use this info to improve the marketing campaign.

How Does My CRM Integrate Into Direct Mail Automation?

While some CRMs contain pre-built connectors that link the two systems together, there are other CRMs that might need an API (application programming interface) created before integration can occur. Once the CRM integration process occurs, the contact information and form fields used by the CRM pass the information over to the print workflow system that is part of direct mail automation. The information is automatically taken and printed so it can be mailed out to a contact. There are multiple CRMs that can be used to automate direct mail and they will be discussed in more detail in the next section. Just as you send an email out of your CRM, you can send a direct mail piece in the same manner. You will need to design new art and text for each direct mail campaign but the direct mail marketing automation process is the same for each campaign.

What CRM’s Can Be Used For Direct Mail Automation?

As mentioned in the last section, there are multiple CRMs that can be integrated for direct mail automation. Take a look below to see if your current CRM is on the list!

In general, Hubspot is a CRM that is cloud-based and designed to help align marketing and sales tasks and optimize your inbound marketing strategy to generate more leads and grow your ROI. One of the benefits of using Hubspot is that it contains many pre-built connectors that have the ability to integrate into the direct mail workflow of your company,

Salesforce is a service platform that is designed to analyze customer data and events and then take personalized actions. The main advantage of Salesforce for direct mail automation is that it provides the most flexibility when it comes to the task of integrating into either a direct mail workflow or a print workflow. Keep in mind that it is a rather complex system so it is not always user friendly.

Infusionsoft allows its users to integrate all of their social media sites, ecommerce software, and marketing automation tools into one integrated ecosystem. While Infusionsoft provides limited integration options, the value it provides based on cost and capabilities is high enough that it is the choice for many companies when it comes to integrating a CRM into a print workflow.

PrintPLANR does not get as much press as the other options discussed in this section but it does have the advantage of being built specifically for print. This makes it one of the best options on the market when it comes to the ease of integration.

Direct mail automation saves time and manpower when it comes to executing a direct mail campaign. When you are ready to automate direct mail, we can help.

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