Dimensional Direct Mail Campaigns
Dimensional Direct Mail Campaigns

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July 12, 2023

What is it about dimensional direct mail campaigns that make them more effective than other types of direct mail? To understand this more we will explore what dimension mail really is and go through the details of why it’s so effective.

Examples & Types of Dimensional Direct Mail

Dimensional direct mail is unique in that it grabs the attention of recipients and entices them to open the package because it’s bigger and in many cases oddly shaped. In a recent study, it was found that 84% of online purchases were made from first having a physical interaction first, typically through catalogs, magazine ads or direct mail. Sometimes referred to as “lumpy mail”, here are some examples of effective dimensional direct mail that can be used in your campaigns.

Custom-designed boxes

Companies create custom-designed boxes that reflect their brand and contain promotional items, samples, or personalized gifts. These boxes provide a tactile experience and build excitement around the contents.

Oversized Envelopes

Using oversized envelopes with intriguing designs or bulges creates curiosity and prompts recipients to explore what’s inside. It stands out among regular mail and increases the likelihood of opening the envelope.

Interactive Mailers

Dimensional mailers that incorporate interactive elements like pull-tabs, pop-ups, or hidden compartments create an engaging experience for recipients. These interactive features evoke a sense of playfulness and encourage recipients to interact with the mailer.


Why is Dimensional Direct Mail So Effective?

Dimensional direct mail campaigns yield impressive results due to several factors that tap into recipients’ psychology. Here we are listing three different reasons to explain why dimensional direct mail campaigns are so effective.

    1. The Power of Curiosity: Curiosity is a powerful motivator. When recipients receive a dimensional mail piece, their curiosity is piqued. They wonder what’s inside and are compelled to open the package to satisfy their curiosity. This element of mystery increases the likelihood of engagement and response.
    2. Engaging Multiple Senses: Dimensional mail engages multiple senses, making it more memorable and impactful. Recipients can touch, feel, and hold the package, creating a tactile experience that enhances their connection with the brand. This multisensory approach helps the message and brand leave a lasting impression.
    3. Visual Significance: Dimensional mail stands out among the sea of regular mail and grabs attention due to its larger size or unique packaging. It commands visual significance and captures recipients’ focus, increasing the chances of them giving it their full attention. The larger physical presence also conveys a sense of importance and value.


Dimensional direct mail campaigns offer a compelling solution for businesses looking to engage their audience in a memorable and impactful way. By leveraging the power of curiosity, engaging multiple senses, and creating visual significance, dimensional direct mail grabs recipients’ attention and prompts them to take action. Through custom-designed boxes, oversized envelopes, and interactive mailers, companies can create a sense of excitement and anticipation that leads to higher open rates and response rates. By incorporating dimensional direct mail into your marketing strategy, you can enhance customer engagement, build brand awareness, and ultimately drive desired outcomes for your business.


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