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Full Service Bank Marketing & Strategy

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August 24, 2023

The evolving marketing playbook for banks is more competitive than at any point in the past. An effective marketing strategy for banks includes both printed and digital components that create a multi-channel marketing plan. 

So, what does bank marketing look like for banks in the present day? In this article, we will discuss what composes a bank marketing strategy as well as what your goals should be for the strategy. 

Bank Marketing Strategy

The formation of a bank marketing strategy is very important as it sets the tone of the marketing strategy and directs its creation. Marketing for banks needs to have a specific target audience that are ideal customers for the bank. The creation of the strategy will determine the timing and execution of the marketing plan in the short and long-term of the campaign. A properly planned marketing strategy for banks lays out a plan for how to reach customers while also building brand loyalty.  

Components of Full Service Bank Marketing

The more comprehensive your bank marketing plan is, the better results you will receive because it will reach customers on multiple channels. Here are some of the common components of a full-service bank marketing plan:

Printed Collateral

You need to create multiple printed materials such as brochures, banners, business cards, flyers, and folders. The viewing of the printed collateral grows brand awareness and visibility while also providing educational information to your customers.

Digital Marketing

Be sure and include the power of digital marketing in your campaign by sending emails, creating ads, and posting on social media. 

Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the best methods of reaching new and current customers. Direct mail reaches your audience anywhere they are located while also growing your brand and keeping your bank top of mind.


Whether you are hosting a local or regional event, interacting with the public at these events is crucial to maintaining a strong presence among customers.

Marketing Goals for Banks

Bank marketing needs to have clear goals so everyone on your team knows what you are trying to achieve. Need a hand determining the goals you should try to reach? Here are some of the most common bank marketing goals:

  • Acquire new customers for the bank
  • Increase the total number of retail deposits
  • Greater number of consumer loans
  • Acquire new business accounts
  • New loans to business customers
  • Grow brand awareness, recall, loyalty

Upgrade your marketing strategy for banks by using multiple channels to reach new and existing customers. Call our marketing team today. 

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