Design Tips for Sales Enablement Collateral
Design Tips for Sales Enablement Collateral

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August 30, 2023

A sell sheet is still an important business document and the sell sheet design has evolved with the times. These days, a product sell sheet can be shared in multiple ways including an actual physical sell sheet, via email, or viewed online where all parties can make comments and suggestions. The act of designing for sell sheets is still a highly relevant task for all businesses as they are a reflection of the company. In this article, we will share important sell sheet design tips including what to include on them in order to ensure the success of the sheets.

What is a Sell Sheet?

The first thing to know before designing for sell sheets is what a business means when they discuss a sell sheet. In general, it is a sales tool that provides a description of a product along with the outcome produced by the product. In addition, a product sell sheet shares the features and benefits of the product as well as the pricing (in some cases). These sales sheets are usually printed and shared at gatherings such as meetings, seminars, and conferences or sent out as direct mail.

What Should You Include On A Sell Sheet?

When it is time to create the sell sheet design, there are a number of components and elements that are typically included on the sheet. While most marketers and designers are not focused on the necessary sales copy, this copy is one of the key features of a sell sheet. They need to include sales copy that describes the product and gives reasons why a customer has to purchase the item. In order to make it easier for your marketing and design team to get in the right frame of mind, here are the items that a sell sheet needs to include:

  • Product or service description
  • Clear pictures of the product or an accurate representation of the service
  • Copy that details the outcome gained by using the product or service 
  • Competitive advantages of the product
  • Product cost and pricing levels
  • Company contact information such as the business name, phone number, email, and website

Tips to Make Your Sell Sheet Design Successful

In this section we will discuss sell sheet design tips that your design team can implement to make the final product more successful. We want to give you enough useful information that you can create a compelling final product that converts the consumer from a prospect to a paying customer.

Clear Language

Instruct the copy team to not be overly wordy when writing the text. Clear and concise language makes a sales sheet easier to read and understand. In turn, this helps to increase sales.

Strong Imagery

A strong and eye-catching image that accurately  represents the product or service helps to create a clear picture in the mind of a customer. The image can also be aspirational and imply the desired outcome of using the product or service.

Bold Design

A bold design that steps out of the product comfort zone will break through the clutter and get the attention of future and current customers. Step outside the norm and watch the results start to grow.

Include Obvious Pricing (if Applicable)

The act of sharing prices and cost information makes the purchase decision easier for the recipient. The cost of an item is a deciding factor for everyone and, if the price is too high for their budget, you are not going to close the sale. Share the price up front to  save everyone time.

We hope these sell sheet design tips make the process of creating a sell sheet easier for your team. If you need assistance, call us.

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