What are the Top 3 Bank Products to Market via Direct Mail?
What are the Top 3 Bank Products to Market via Direct Mail?

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September 21, 2023

Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool that allows businesses to reach their customers at home, at work, and online. When it comes to bank product marketing, there are certain product categories that seem to generate a better response when promoted through direct mail for banks. In order to make sure your bank marketing campaigns produce the best ROI possible, you need to know which products work best with direct mail.

Keep reading as we reveal the three bank products that are sure to get the response you desire when planning and running a direct mail campaign.

Auto Loan Direct Mail Campaigns for Banks

Bank customers love buying new cars. That alone helps these do so well as direct mail campaigns. Auto loans do quite well as part of a bank product marketing campaign. One of the reasons bank customers like direct mail promoting auto loans is that it is easy to qualify for them.

The Direct Mail pieces need to highlight the ease of qualifying for a loan as well as remind customers they likely need a new vehicle. It’s a good idea to include a URL that customers can visit to apply for a loan which makes it very easy when linked to a credit application or even something prefilled depending on the technology you are using.

Home Loan Direct Mail Campaigns for Banks

Much like the desire to upgrade to a new car, people are constantly buying and selling their homes. Which means there are a ton of home buyers in the market. High demand equals high volume, which is great for banks.

The need to get a new home might be due to a life event (such as a new baby), the desire to downsize, or simply move to a new location in a better school district. No matter the reason for buying a new house, it is important to remind consumers that it is easy to qualify for a home loan by sharing that message through a direct mail campaign..

Construction Loan Direct Mail Campaigns for Banks

The success of construction loans is partly tied to new home builds & sales, which makes sense that construction loans are on the list if those two are linked. In addition to the number of new homes being built, there is also an ongoing need for home renovations and remodels as well as business expansions for companies of all sizes.
Direct mail can spread the word about the construction loans your bank offers so you can capture the attention of those looking to improve their living situation or expand the size of their business.

If your bank marketing team is looking to see growth in any one of these areas we can help execute a direct mail campaign that will significantly increase volume.

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