Insurance Marketing Strategies That Work
Insurance Marketing Strategies That Work

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November 9, 2023

In order to acquire new customers and gain a foothold in the marketplace, insurance marketing strategies need to speak to the financial needs of customers while also giving consumers peace of mind when it comes to protecting them. Insurance marketing campaigns should include a personalized marketing message that works to beat the competition and gain an advantage in the marketplace. In addition, multi-channel marketing (discussed below) is an important step in the customer acquisition process. Keep reading to learn about the effort that is needed to secure new acquisitions and keep them as customers.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing makes the recipient of a marketing message feel like they are being addressed directly. Insurance marketing strategies that speak directly to the recipient should include the name of the person and ask a question or share a fact in a direct manner. If a consumer feels like they are being addressed in a personal manner, they will view the insurance company as a friend and partner as opposed to someone simply trying to get their business. Personalized marketing gives a feeling of caring and not a “salesy” approach to a marketing message.

Direct Mail for Insurance Companies

Insurance marketing success stories often involve the use of direct mail to reach consumers. Direct Mail can include multiple marketing strategies that work to get the attention of banking customers and grow engagement rates. Direct Mail can also include multi-channel marketing that covers both print and digital marketing. Overall, direct mail works to break through the busy social media landscape and grow ROI thanks to the combination of print and digital components.

Multi-Channel Marketing

While multi-channel marketing is often considered to be a combination of print and digital, insurance companies can use more elements to elevate their marketing reach. Here is a look at the full scope of a multi-channel/omni-channel/opti-channel marketing approach:

Direct Mail
As discussed earlier, direct mail works very well for insurance companies as it gets the desired message into the physical grip of current customers and new prospects.

Online Marketing
Online digital marketing is a cost-effective method of expanding marketing reach and getting a message across on a platform where people spend a lot of time.

Event Marketing
Event marketing ranges from big festivals to business conferences and local gatherings. Event marketing is a good way to get additional time in front of existing customers as well as closing a deal with a prospect.

The act of sponsoring local teams, events or clubs creates good vibes in the local community while also increasing brand awareness and recognition among local customers.

Billboards increase brand awareness and name recognition. They are hard to miss, easy to read, and work to generate a lasting marketing impact.

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