Sustainable Substrates for Eco-Friendly Printing
Sustainable Substrates for Eco-Friendly Printing

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February 15, 2024

In a continuing effort to practice eco-friendly printing, many businesses are turning away from just using standard paper in their printing and using various print substrates to create their marketing materials. In general, green printing uses eco-friendly materials and print processes to reduce the negative impact of printing on the planet. By choosing to use organic substrates or eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper or substrates that have been environmentally certified, printers are able to conserve energy and also minimize the amount of waste that is being generated during the printing process.

In this article, we will list a number of eco-friendly materials along with showing you more of the benefits of using sustainable print substrates during your print projects.

Why Use Sustainable Print Substrates?

The last few decades have seen the public grow increasingly concerned about the state of the environment as well as looking for ways to combat global warming. Eco-friendly printing methods such as using sustainable print substrates are a way for you to take steps towards saving the planet. “Green printing” is a phrase with a lot of buzz around it as consumers search out businesses that show a shared concern about the environment. The more eco-friendly materials you can use as part of your regular printing methods, the bigger a role you play in reducing carbon emissions and eliminating waste generated by printing.

What Kind of Eco-Friendly Materials Are There?

While there are a number of different substrates available to the public that are made from eco-friendly materials, it is important to know that the eco-friendly aspect of the substrate can be more than just the actual material. The environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that go into some substrates also contribute to its sustainability so there are many options available to you when it comes to the choice of eco-friendly materials for your next project.

Here are some of the most common sustainable substrates used for printing by businesses of all sizes and industries:

  • Recycled Papers/Biodegradable Papers
  • Bio-Based Paper
  • Recycled Plastics/Biodegradable Plastics
  • Hemp-Based Paper
  • Seaweed Byproduct-Based Paper
  • Soy Based Inks
  • Water-Soluble Coatings including Varnish, Aqueous, and UV

Sustainable substrates benefit the environment and generate a positive reputation for your business with consumers.

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