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June 3, 2024

Despite the digital deluge, there has been a surprising resurgence of direct mail in financial marketing, highlighting its potential for higher conversion rates and deeper connections with consumers.

Some key ideas to consider:
• Direct Mail requires an investment over time— remember that in marketing, frequency matters.
• Choose partners that understand logistics issues including compliance concerns, rules, and regulations.
• The modern direct mailer can provide accurate marketing data analytics, which makes tracking and reporting more efficient.
• Your messaging is critical. Being on point with your audience increases response rates and ROI.
• Empathy and emotional connection drive response.
• Being consistent across multiple channels is vital.
• Regular communication using various channels turns prospects into customers.

Direct Mail….

Leads to Big Sales and Higher Conversions

〉 Direct mail’s response rate is 4.4%, compared to 0.12% for email.
〉 In the lending industry, response rates of up to 1.16% lead to more qualified leads.
〉 Example: 1.16% response from 120,000 people can result in 522 funded loans.

Matches Consumer Preferences

〉 76% of Americans trust ads received in the mail.
〉 Cuts through email clutter; average person receives 121 emails per day.
〉 Four in 10 people enjoy checking physical mail, creating a deeper emotional connection.


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