Nick Doffing Joins the NextPage Team

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Nick Doffing began his career in the print industry at Stouse, first as an intern, and then as a full-time employee checking film after earning his degree in commercial graphics. He then went through a leadership development program at Spangler Graphics and experimented with several different roles before he settled on Customer Service.

Nick next worked as an account manager at Boelte-Hall, where he met fellow coworkers Joshua Shelton and Aimee Hodges. In 2017, Shelton, who was leaving Boelte-Hall to join NextPage as a Senior Account Executive, told Doffing and Hodges about a unique opportunity to join him as Customer Service Representatives at NextPage. After a short deliberation, Doffing and Hodges decided together to join the team at NextPage.

Doffing’s customer service skills come from his early background in food service as a restaurant cook and pizza delivery driver.

“I was always more creative-minded,” Doffing said. “Once I was in the print industry, I liked being able to see the process travel from the original concept, to getting art concept ideas from talking to the customer about their vision, and then actually seeing the finished piece. The entire arc of this experience is that we get to work with various people and actually enhance their ideas to create something new. That is the part I enjoy the most.  Plus, since what we do impacts their business we get to help them make money.”

“I think my biggest takeaway from those jobs is a lot more from management. That’s something I see myself getting into at some point in my career. You see what you like and what you don’t like in certain managers and try to use those to mold yourself into what you think will be most effective.”

As a CSR at NextPage, Nick oversees print jobs from start to finish and ensures the finished product is on time, within budget, and exactly what the customer wanted. He feels NextPage has a good level of trust within its staff.

“NextPage appears to always be out there searching for how we can keep growing. This industry changes so fast and in reality you always have to be looking forward, and NextPage appears to be doing that so I see it leading and driving forward for many years to come.”

We’re glad to have Nick’s friendly and optimistic personality on our team.