Sam Sewell Joins the NextPage Team

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Sam SewellIt’s hard not to hire someone who has such a deep knowledge of the print industry, and is as well-known and respected by his contemporaries, as Sam Sewell. Sewell has worked in the print industry since he was 15 years old, working part time at Arrow Printing in the bindery department. After graduating high school, Sewell started at Post Press Specialties working part time to pay his way through college and then full time after earning his Associate of Arts degree. He did a little bit of everything at Post Press Specialties including machine operator, shipping, reception, customer service and eventually found his calling in sales. Sewell held the position of outside sales rep for Priority Envelope for 2 years before returning to Post Press Specialties as Sales Manager.

“It’s a broad spectrum of experiences,” he said. “Customers become part of my circle and I don’t want to let them down. If you’re in sales, you relate to people at different levels and the more experience you have, the easier it is, because you can quickly find common ground.”

Sewell has been a vendor for commercial printers throughout the Mid-West for the past 15 years, and during that time he formed valuable relationships with the employees of NextPage. And now, after selling to them for years, he finally joins the NextPage family to sell for them.

“Print is more than offering someone a single printing piece,” he said. “You have to be a solutions provider. NextPage is exciting because of the extensive array of printing technology.  Add to that the dedicated people are focused on truly leading the industry in all areas – this place is truly revolutionizing the industry.”  Sam goes on to share, “I’m excited to show my clients how we deliver “more than print” by taking the physical ink on paper and integrating that sheet with amazing finishing capabilities and finally the multi-channel marketing tools available to extend the reach of that one sheet.  It is all very exciting to me.”

Sewell is a natural fit at NextPage and will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to our team.