Marketing Asset Management: How to Get Best in Class Performance

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May 25, 2010

So if you could improve your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) by 32%, would you do it? The Aberdeen Group has recently published a research study Marketing Asset Management: Managing Brand Compliance in Distributed Marketing Environmentsthat highlights this significant increase in ROMI by Best in Class Companies using Marketing Asset Management.

The key summary points from the report for becoming a high-performing distributed marketing organization include:

1) When creating a marketing asset management system, build it for both sales and marketing to use.

2) Use a combination of marketing asset management and marketing automation. In other words, build the marketing asset library to actually deploy or produce what your sales and marketing teams need.

I’d like to add another:

3) User adoption will make or break your long-term success and ROMI.

The keys to developing great user adoption are usability of the system and training tools. And don’t give up after the initial push at the launch of the marketing asset management tool. All good systems for distributed marketing organizations are multi-faceted and require reinforcement and training.

If you’d like to learn more about the impact Marketing Asset Management can have on your organization, you can download the Aberdeen report here.

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