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October 25, 2012











When it comes to marketing and branding, make sure not to forget the traditional methods that have worked for decades. Some customers still prefer the tactile experience of reading a direct mail postcard or printed piece. The more places you advertise and promote your business to your targeted audiences, the better your exposure and marketing penetration. Here are statistics and brand experts’ thoughts about blending social with traditional media.

  • Consumers are 50 percent more likely to buy or use a product when TV ads work together with Internet marketing. Source: ATKearney
  • Enhance your print advertising and direct mail campaigns, socially, by using QR Codes® to track how people are getting to your website. By using trackable URLs in social media posts, you can gain firm idea of your user entry points to your website.
  • Social media marketing and traditional marketing go hand in hand and should be blended, according to D. William Jones, social media enthusiast at By using social media exclusively and ignoring traditional media, you risk killing your market reach. 35 percent of US consumers still get their news offline. Advertising, TV, and direct mail are still extremely important and valuable.
  • Talk to your customers about how they want to be talked to. For some that will be via social media and for others that will be through traditional media. Many nonprofits such asFellowship of Christian Athletes and Harvesters send their volunteers donor receipts through either the mail or email based on preference.
  • Nearly one in five smartphone users makes a purchase after scanning a QR Code®. Source: Print in the Mix
  • When consumers were asked about the acceptable channel for marketers to contact them, direct mail is the only channel where an unsolicited message isn’t viewed as inappropriate. In fact, it is preferred. Source: Print in the Mix
  • Nothing can beat the speed of response of a post on Facebook or Twitter, which makes these social channels ideal for responding to a crisis situation or angry customer. However, nothing beats the credibility and professional recognition of traditional media, which makes it ideal for branding and product believability.

“Our research into marketing-inspired purchase behavior illustrates that we live in a multi-channel world where brands that can execute campaigns across both mass and direct media will have a distinct advantage over their less coordinated competition. Today’s consumers are cross-channel communicators, and they’re ready to reward those brands that abide by the unique rules that govern each channel.” – Exact Target

What channels do you find mix for the best results?


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