Grandma Doesn’t Wear High Heels!

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March 25, 2014

This postcard was mailed recently to an acquaintance of mine. She’s 85 years old and is a frequent customer of the shoe store that sent this piece. Do you notice anything odd? Maybe the image of a twenty-something in a short skirt? Wearing heels?  When was the last time my friend bought a pair of shoes from this store that looks anything like the ones in the picture? How about never.  And by the way, this is from a major retailer!

My friend Kurt Ruf stated in a recent article that he wrote for Connect Magazine, “We are drowning in big data and starving for knowledge”. You can bet your last dollar that this company has the information about my friend that would be relevant. She buys Clarks and SAS, she’s looking for comfort, not sexy!

Focus on being Relevant

Personalized, one to one messaging is no longer a tactic of only the most advanced marketers. It’s here and it’s now and it’s how your customers want to be spoken to. If your personalization misses the mark, it says to your customer “we don’t really know you”.  The client knows that they have shopped and purchased at the store many times, but the store just hasn’t put forth any effort to communicate with a relevant message.

Variable data technology is making it easier, more effective and cheaper than ever to include personalized data on direct mail pieces, printed collateral, in email messages and on landing pages. At NextPage, we have been delivering relevant, data-driven messages for years. It is our sweet spot. Contact us today and make sure your personalized message hits the target. Send Grandma a message she’ll connect with!

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