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April 17, 2014

“If you relentlessly build great value propositions, your customers will believe you….It’s only in business that we think there is a quick fix – a magic formula.”

-Alex Osterwalder, Co-founder and Business Model Expert,

It’s an intriguingly fascinating exercise, this practice of creating a brand people want to associate themselves with. Nobody knows that better than business model expert and co-founder Alex Osterwalder, whose book, “Business Model Generation,” serves as a definitive guide for visionaries, game changers and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow’s next great enterprise.

But what do your customers really want? And how can you continue to get them to trust your brand? Osterwalder’s answer is simple: create value for your customers, your organization and society as a whole. Easy, right?

“It’s all about the search for the perfect business model,” Osterwalder says. “That’s what business is about. That’s what entrepreneurship is about.”

To help entrepreneurial businesses in their quest, Osterwalder created what he calls a Business Model Canvas, a road map, if you will, on the journey to success. Within his model is the Value Proposition Canvas, which he says involves “getting out of the building” to find what your customers
really want. What a concept! Get out of the office and ask! “The choice then depends on which customer segment you can build the most scalable and profitable business model around. It’s all about using tools.”

Once your business model is established, you can work to build trust in your brand. By continuously delivering on that brand promise, Osterwalder says you can start laying down your foundation for success. “If you relentlessly build great value propositions, your customers will believe
you. Learn to use your tools like a surgeon does. Surgeons go to medical school to learn the anatomy of the body, and then they learn how to use tools to fix the body. Their learning never stops. It’s only in business that we think there is a quick fix – a magic formula. We think we can do heart surgery with a Swiss Army knife. Consumers go where they see the most value at the best price.”

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