4 Ways to Make Your Direct Mail More Eco-Friendly

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May 12, 2014

Eco-Friendly. Another buzzword right? Printing and mailing responsibly should be important to your printer, even if it means mailing fewer pieces. Here are 4 things your printer should be offering to move toward that goal.

Database Cleansing – Before producing a direct mail campaign, it’s important to clean your mailing list by removing or correcting undeliverable addresses. Progressive printers offer list hygiene services such as de-duplication of entries, National Change of Address processing and address correction, making your communications more effective and eco-friendly.

Digital Printing – In the digital age of printing, direct mail has become more targeted, resulting in a greater response from fewer pieces. Indigo and iGen digital printers are at the forefront of technological advancements with the capability to print on demand as many or as few pieces as required. Being able to print in exact quantities has eliminated waste and waste disposal costs. Printing files direct from computer to press has also greatly reduced chemical and solid waste normally found with traditional plate making. Digital printing uses 100 percent non-toxic dry toner, eliminating ink altogether.

Environmentally Sound Papers – The quality and variety of earth-friendly paper types has rapidly increased, opening up more possibilities for companies and printers to reduce their environmental footprint. Among today’s choices are recycled papers, papers with chlorine-free processing, and even “tree-free” papers made from non-wood pulp. With improvements in production technology, recycled or “post-consumer” papers have also become less expensive, in some cases rivaling or beating the cost of “virgin” paper stock.

Web-to-Print  Web-to-Print platforms have effectively reduced paperwork and paper trails with all orders being processed through a streamlined Internet system. Production occurs automatically as needed, and – when combined with digital printing – customers can order in large or small quantities. With no need to print massive quantities of order forms and catalogs, companies are bypassing recycling altogether. Clients are also able to order as much product as needed with only a few simple clicks – and can often be billed automatically, eliminating even more paperwork and waste.

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