The Compound Effect of Multiple Touches

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October 10, 2014

“To get your customer to grant you access, it’s imperative that you convey all your information in a series of 20- to 30-second ‘touches’ (via phone, email, and direct mail).”
– Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling

The methods of reaching your targeted audience today are numerous: email, direct mail, web, apps, the list goes on. And when it comes down to it, email isn’t necessarily better than direct mail, nor is Facebook better than LinkedIn.  The key to a successful marketing strategy is not in choosing one channel over another, but garnering a mix of channels to gain a compound effect.

Nosco, a healthcare packaging and solutions provider based in Gurnee, Illinois, experimented with the concept of conveying the same messaging in different ways to keep it foremost in prospects’ minds. The organization tested a variety of campaigns and found the best results came from a combination of efforts that utilized multiple mediums. At a basic level they incorporated email, direct mail, and a call or voicemail. The company also discovered it was not the size of the campaign that generated the best results, but a consistent messaging and laser focus on the right audience.

With each campaign, you should consider prospects’ personas, region and, if possible, their needs. Email, direct mail and voicemail are standard (and easy) ways of communication. Plan, communicate, test, measure and repeat, integrating both online and offline marketing efforts to determine what works best in combination and in what order for your product or service.

With marketing, as with most things, numbers matter and consistency of messaging matters. The more touches and the more consistently your message is delivered the more successful your campaign.

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