7 Ways to Get Your Direct Mail Noticed

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September 25, 2019

7 Ways to Get Your Direct Mail Noticed

When it comes to eliciting your customers’ interest, nothing works better than direct mail. If you want the truth, people love mail. That is why more marketers are returning to the art of the direct mail piece. To help get your pieces to the front of the pile, so to speak, here are seven direct mail tips from the website Chief Marketer(chiefmarketer.com):

  1. Make it multichannel — Direct mail works well when partnered with other mediums. Review how direct mail fits into other channels and add multiple touches.
  2. Be on target — Personalize your message. Customers expect personalization today, and if your data is bad, it can actually do more damage.
  3. It’s about the customer — Focus on the customer, not the company. Customers want the focus on communications to be on them, not what you’re selling.
  4. Try different formats — Test different package sizes, colors and textures. A plain envelope with a name on it is not creative. Take creative control over the packaging.
  5. Know your vertical — Different markets respond to different types of creative approaches. Knowing what your audience wants to see is paramount.
  6. Make it measurable — Have a way to track response: URL, QR code, 800 number or another form of personalization.
  7. Get the data right — Conduct a test before you roll out a direct mail initiative so that you target the right demographic with the right product.

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