Business Card Design Trends 2022
Business Card Design Trends 2022

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August 11, 2022

If you are in the business world, handing out your business card is a daily activity. However, if you want to make a lasting impression when you pass out your cards, the same business card designs used by everyone else is not the way to go.  

Your business cards reflect your brand’s personality, and they also position you as a trusted and educated advisor in your field. The business card is part of your brand, a visual representation of what your company does and what you stand for, that you share with every potential client or customer. In order for your card to create new business that will generate profits, you need to make it stand out using the latest business card design trends. 

Let’s discuss how to do something unique when designing your business card. 

Unique Ideas to Help Your Business Cards Stand Out

Here are some business card design trends that can help you stand out from the crowd:

  • Die-Cut Business Cards – The design of die-cut business cards can get attention by including your logo or other branding elements. Even if the logo is a simple shape, you can have that shape cutout on the card. In addition, you can try die-cut geometrical shapes or patterns that catch the eye of the client or use two-layer cards (with one layer having design cuts). 
  • Wrapped Design Business Cards – Even though business cards have two sides to them, many people only use one side instead of using all the possible marketing space. A two-sided design is ideal for continuous patterns or designs across the sides that impress the audience.
  • Design Enhancements  – Embossing is ideal for most industries, but best suited for creative brands that like to experiment outside of the box. Aside from this, you can add finishing touches like foil stamped, raised spot UV, metallic, matte and die cut finishes. You can get even more trendy and add your company’s QR code to your business card for a more powerful way to engage anyone you hand your business card to.
  • Bright Painted Edges for the Card – The color choice for the edge of the card depends on your branding. The ideal choice is color from your design palette or a gradient so the edge is more vibrant. This business card design trend is ideal with thicker paper so the edge effect is more visible. 
  • Pattern Extensions Setup on the Card – The use of patterns is a graphic design trend that has become popular over the past few years. Business cards usually have a lot of space that can include rich design patterns such as simple lines or circles. 

Typeface and Color Trends that help Business Cards Stand Out

Now, let’s review some typeface and color trends that are popular when designing your business card:

  • Vibrant Gradients – The proper use of gradients depends on your brand. For example, if you want a cool and quirky design, you can set up a gradient on the whole business card and then use white (or other contrast colors) for text. You can also use patches of gradients. Please keep in mind that the final gradient printing may not look as good as the digital design.
  • Contrasting Colors – As a designer, each color is significant so choose colors that work for your brand. Try brighter colors for typography and lighter colors for the background as this makes the text easily readable.
  • Big and Bold Typefaces – The right use of fonts makes a design visually appealing and this is a growing design trend. Look for business cards with big and bold typography that makes brands stand out. These bold modern designs can be used for all branding materials.

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