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Direct Mail for the Healthcare Industry

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February 16, 2023

Direct mail healthcare marketing is an invaluable tool that creates a connection with customers through precise targeting that allows for maximum efficiency in reaching a wider audience. The performance of healthcare direct mail can also be tracked and measured to determine the success of a campaign. It also offers the chance to share vital and relevant information in a concise and interactive manner such as patient care instructions or educational materials. Direct mail builds a personal relationship with the public by providing consumers with information and offers tailored to their needs to create loyalty between healthcare providers and customers. 

Take a look below as we discuss how healthcare direct mail is a beneficial way to communicate with patients.

Best Practices when Using Direct Mail

Medical direct mail is an essential marketing tool that allows you to target a specific audience with a personalized message. To ensure the highest level of success, use variable data printing to personalize your marketing message. You can also take advantage of QR codes and PURLs (personalized web links) that let recipients easily access information such as online health assessments or schedule an office appointment. Also, track response rates and measure your direct mail healthcare marketing ROI to ensure that the time and money spent on your healthcare direct mail campaign is worth it. 

These tips help you maximize the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns and reach the right people no matter where they are located.

Creative Ways to Use Healthcare Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is a marketing tool that can be used to book appointments, help patients find you, educate them about their medical options, and announce annual enrollment times. Healthcare professionals can provide personalized messages tailored to each patient and offer an overview of all available medical options. Plus, variable data printing (VDP) can create detailed maps of the office so patients can easily locate you.

Here is an in-depth look at creative ways hospitals and clinics use direct mail: 

  • Make/Book Appointments by reaching out to healthcare patients and inviting them to schedule a visit to the office. A personalized URL, which can be linked to a QR code, allows potential patients to make appointments by simply scanning their phones instead of having to make multiple phone calls.
  • Calm Patient Fears with timely reminders about upcoming treatments, preventative care options, and other healthcare updates. Direct mail allows for personalized messages that reassure patients and make them aware of resources available to them to address any anxieties or concerns. 
  • Help Patients Find You with VDP printed maps that can be customized to highlight your unique office location and contact information. Patients can view a detailed street map of your business location to find the best route to get there. These maps can be distributed via direct mail or placed in lobbies and waiting rooms. 
  • Inform Patients of Their Medical Options by sending out brochures or other informative materials that provide a comprehensive overview of their medical options. Direct mail can also inform people of special offers and discounts or upcoming health fairs or seminars where they can get more information. Direct mail lets you reach those who may not have easy access to the Internet or in-person medical care.
  • Annual Notifications such as annual enrollment periods for medical insurance or other events require you to reach a wide range of customers. They need a tangible reminder they can refer to at any time. Creative content and eye-catching visuals are an effective way to communicate key details and to make sure customers don’t miss out on important opportunities. 

Healthcare Companies Best Suited For Direct Mail

Many healthcare industry businesses can benefit from direct mail. Take a look at more details about each type of healthcare company and how they can utilize direct mail as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy. 

  • Hospitals can tailor their message to their target audience and reach potential patients. Hospitals can include images and marketing messages that explain the benefits of their services over the competition. Plus, direct mail offers a personal touch that builds relationships with current and future patients in a timely manner.
  • Medical and dental practices can target specific individuals in their local area. Direct mail reaches potential patients, informs them about your services, and directs them to your practice. Personalized direct mail lets you craft messages tailored to the individual needs of patients as well as remind current patients of upcoming appointments.
  • Family medicine practices serve a wide range of patients in their community. Direct mail allows them to reach target specific customers, in a cost-effective way, with tailored messages. Practices can market their services to individuals who may not have heard about them and also build loyalty among existing patients by providing reminders about upcoming appointments or special offers. 
  • Pharmaceutical companies have a highly targeted audience. They work with specific health conditions or treatments so they need to create campaigns that target people with specific ailments or those that require certain medications. Direct mail can reach these individuals and provide relevant information to improve their quality of life. Direct mail campaigns build relationships with customers, help medical professionals gain insights into their needs, and ensure customers are aware of their products and services.
  • Wellness & fitness centers can target potential customers in their local area in order to market their services with customized messages and special offers tailored to the individual needs of recipients. Direct mail campaigns allow these centers to select which customers they want to target and only send mailings to those individuals. This helps maximize the return on investment for each campaign and maximize the use of their marketing budget
  • Home healthcare providers fulfill the specific and targeted needs of those most likely to be interested in their services. Direct mail allows home healthcare providers to control the timing of their message so it reaches potential customers when they will likely be considering the services. 
  • Chiropractors offer treatments recommended by primary care physicians such as spinal manipulation. Since the patient already has a relationship with the doctor, they are likely to positively view a direct mail piece from the chiropractor. Additionally, direct mail campaigns can focus on specific pain points and offer relevant messages to new and existing patients in the area.
  • Physical therapists need to stay top of mind with current and prospective patients. Direct mail can remind patients of upcoming appointments, promote special events and offers, or highlight new services to specific demographics or neighborhoods that might benefit from the services. 
  • Mental health professionals can communicate directly with potential clients by providing tailored messages that highlight the unique personal services they offer. Direct mail also targets messages towards specific demographics to ensure the messages reach the right people. Since many people seeking mental health services might feel uncomfortable reaching out through digital platforms, direct mail provides a private way to connect with a professional.
  • Other healthcare industry businesses not on this list often provide niche services in a specific healthcare area. Direct mail targets potential customers with greater precision than other advertising methods. For example, direct mail can promote a new treatment or a specialized diet for patients suffering from a certain disease. Direct mail can also provide educational materials and tips to customers so they are more informed to make decisions about their health. 

Direct mail for the healthcare industry targets specific customers and grows patient numbers. Call today about medical direct mail services.

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