Increase Non-Profit Donations with Custom QR Codes
Increase Non-Profit Donations with Custom QR Codes

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February 23, 2023
In the past few years, you have likely noticed several businesses using custom QR codes. Even though these scannable codes have been in use since the mid-’90s, they have only recently become more common as a result of the pandemic. There are many people who do not fully understand what QR codes are or how to use them. However, QR codes for non-profits are an ideal method for soliciting new donations and increasing fundraising efforts for your non-profits organization.

In this article, we will share examples of how the use of a QR code for donations can help your non-profit increase donation numbers.

Custom QR Codes Make it Easy to Donate

When it comes to the operation of non-profits, the most critical aspect of any fundraising mission is getting the desired amount of  funds. In order to ensure the success of that task, you need to have an effective donation acceptance process. 

There is one main problem with traditional non-profit fundraising methods: Simply adding your website URL to any promotional material (especially printed materials) is not enough to entice the public to donate. They would have to make the decision to pull out their smartphone, open the browser and take the time to type the entire link in order to finally make the donation. This is actually a longer process than many people realize. There are some people who might make the effort but there are also a good number of people who won’t think twice about not visiting the website due to the number of steps involved.

Custom QR codes make the process of donating easy which is why it is one of the most popular uses of QR Codes for non-profits. Create a QR code for donations that, when scanned, takes visitors to your website or a payment app. You also need to include this information on your creative promotional materials. By doing so, you should enjoy an increased amount of donations to your non-profit.

Now that you know the importance of QR codes, let’s examine the main types of QR codes you can use to grow your donations.

Static vs. Dynamic QR Codes for Non-Profits

In general, there are two main types of QR codes used to increase non-profit donations and they are static and dynamic QR codes. 

Static QR codes are easy to generate and work well for information with a singular purpose, like accessing a menu or visiting a company’s payment site. They are linked to a single URL, so you can only see that the QR code was scanned and not who scanned it.

With dynamic custom QR codes, you can change the destination URL, even after the QR code has been printed. This makes them a good choice for promotions like coupons where offers change regularly. 

Once you pick the type of QR code to use, you need to decide where to use the code.

Where to use QR Codes for Non-Profits

Potential uses for QR codes for non-profits are varied and can include a website, marketing channel, and digitized information you might want to direct your audience towards once they scan the code.  Some top uses of QR codes include:

  • Fundraising campaigns
    If you have a special campaign to raise funds for an upcoming program or emergency relief effort, a static QR code can send people to an information site or direct donation page.
  • Evergreen donation pages
    A dynamic QR code is an ideal option for evergreen non-profit donation pages. With one simple scan, an event guest or individual can make a one-time donation or schedule a recurring donation without the need to navigate to the donation page from your website or social media pages.
  • Events and programs
    For singular events and programs, a custom QR code can quickly share information about your non-profit organization. If the event is part of an ongoing series of events at your organization, you can also direct people to the full event calendar
  • Sponsor links
    If your event or program has a sponsor, share their information with a QR code.
  • Information pages
    Custom QR codes can direct potential donors towards informative pages about your organization, campaign, or event.
  • Social media pages
    QR codes are an effective way to build followers on social media or online blogs. Include a link to your social media pages or a blog with a call-to-action like “Follow Us!” This is a faster way to bring people to your pages than listing all of your various handles or URLs.
  • Addresses, contact information, and directions
    If you are trying to direct people to a specific place, QR codes are incredibly useful in helping them find the destination.
  • Galas
    For special events (such as galas), make everything easy and effortless for your guests. QR codes can link to a digital RSVP page or check-in page. You can easily share directions or contact information as well as link to info on the gala event information or registration pages. This step gives you a quick and easy way to solicit donations.
  • Surveys
    It can be hard to get people to fill out surveys so make them easy and fast to complete. Since most people carry their phones with them at all times, have a QR code that links to a post-event survey on-site. Event attendees can scan the code and fill out the survey before they even leave the venue.
  • Business cards
    A QR code with information that matches your physical business card increases the likelihood of a new contact saving your business info.

If you are ready to grow your donations throughout 2023, call us today about custom QR codes for non-profits.

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