How Custom Floor Graphics Increase Retail Sales
How Custom Floor Graphics Increase Retail Sales

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May 18, 2023

If you are reading this article, you might not be certain that custom floor graphics can increase your overall sales. On the other hand, you could be reading this article to make sure you are correct in your belief that floor graphics or custom floor decals will increase sales at your store. No matter your current opinion on the topic, we want to share the many ways floor graphics increase retail sales for all types of businesses.

For example, recent studies have shown that floor graphics in retail location aisles grew sales in those areas anywhere from 20% to 50%. Imagine that amount of money added to your bottom line!

Want to know how you can enjoy the same success? Take a look below!

Utilize Underutilized Advertising Space

Some businesses look at their floor as nothing more than a pathway for customers. Other businesses see the blank space on their floor as an opportunity to promote specials and lead the public to merchandising displays. The available floor space in a retail store is not used by all retailers which means they are missing out on an opportunity  to take advantage of free advertising space. There is no competition for the public to see your message since it is in your store and there is no added cost to your advertising budget so you enjoy an increased ROI. 

Increased Visibility Using Floor Graphics

The addition of custom floor graphics means increased visibility for your brand. You don’t have to worry about the public missing your marketing message as most people are looking down at their phones when they are in a store. Custom floor decals that highlight specials or promotions will make people look up from their phones so they don’t miss your sales events. Plus, the graphics on the floor stand out because they provide an extreme contrast and don’t blend into the background.

Product Specific Messages & Offers

One of the main purposes of floor graphics is to spotlight messages or offers for products in your retail store. Once you have the attention of consumers, you need to make sure the message is easy to understand and that the call to action is not confusing. A clear, strong offer will deliver the best results when it comes to increased sales. Keep in mind that a succinct and compelling message inspires customers to take action and make a purchase.

Proximity of the Products to Graphics

Since the entire floor is a blank canvas, floor graphics give you a prime opportunity to place the offer or marketing message as close as possible to a merchandising display. You can use floor decals to guide consumers to where the products are shelved which helps to generate higher sales. The placement of the graphic near the product will reinforce the offer as well as encourage a spontaneous decision to make a purchase based on emotion. Your message surrounds the consumer which gives them less time to talk themselves out of a purchase and more time being influenced by the floor graphics that led them to the products. 

Floor graphics increase sales without the need for an expensive marketing campaign. Want to talk about floor decals and graphics? Call today.

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