Direct Mail for Health Insurance
Direct Mail for Health Insurance

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September 14, 2023

Health insurance is a unique topic that needs to be addressed in a way that benefits both the health insurance company and the new or existing patient & insured individual. Health insurance direct mail should address the needs and concerns of the insured while also helping the health insurance company promote their services and entice the target audience (aka the patient or soon-to-be insured) to contact the healthcare provider for more information.

In this article, we will examine how to create a strong health insurance direct mail campaign and how to navigate the specific needs of direct mail for health insurance when creating those campaigns.

Direct Mail Design for Health Insurance Companies

When planning the design of your health insurance direct mail pieces, you will need to focus on the concerns and outcomes that your customers have in mind. Some of the most common outcomes they worry about at any age include staying healthy, living a long life, and having the proper health insurance coverage for themselves as well as their family.
When buying insurance people aren’t trying to simply “get insured” they are wanting to ensure they are “safe” or “covered” if something happens. So making sure they know that is what they’ll get through the design of your direct mail is how you’ll get them to pay attention and enroll.

What Are The Best Direct Mail Options to Sell Health Insurance?

There are multiple types of direct mail options that you can send out to prospects, however, not all direct mail options are created equal when it comes to trying to sell health insurance policies. In general, the type of direct mail design that generates the highest response rate are postcards and brochures. One of the reasons is that they are easily consumed, easy to engage with and brochures if designed well are reminiscent of a book which lends itself behaviorally to people opening and reading it.

Defining Your Health Insurance Audience

Your direct mail campaign will not generate the desired results if you simply send the printed materials to every name on a mailing list. You need to take the time to properly segment your audience within the health insurance space. Each of the segmented audience groups have specific health needs and insurance requirements that they want your company to provide for them.

You can define your health insurance segments by factors such as age, family makeup, type of ailments and illnesses they have on a regular basis, socioeconomic status, and disease history. Once you segment your audience, you can personalize the content and statistics in your direct mail message.

Health Insurance Direct Mail Calls to Action

One of the main elements that your direct mail piece needs to contain is a strong call to action (CTA) that can be performed by the person according to their preferred contact method. You can give them multiple options including a phone number to contact you, a link to your website, PURLs (personalized URLs) that take them to a website that addresses them personally, and QR codes that lead to a webpage you have created about your services.

If you are looking to create a new direct mail campaign for your health insurance organization or you aren’t getting the results you’ve been expecting, then please reach out to us today!

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