Why Women Led Marketing is So Effective Today
Why Women Led Marketing is So Effective Today

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October 26, 2023

One of the hottest topics in the world of marketing is the impact on the growing number of women in the industry. One of the reasons it is such a popular topic is that it has been shown that marketing initiatives led by women, as well as their agencies and organizations, are highly successful.

Thankfully, the idea of marketing programs and companies led by women has been embraced due to the amount of empirical data revealed by numerous studies. In addition, it just makes sense for women to be leaders in the marketing industry so let’s examine the reasons why women are so successful as marketing leaders.

The Powerful Impact on Marketing Women Have Made & Continue to Make

While there have been multiple studies and opinion pieces written about why women in marketing have had such a large impact on marketing, as well as how they have become so successful in the industry, we want to spotlight some examples of women who lead successful marketing companies and strategies:

  • Amy Porterfield
    She is regarded as one of the most prolific, successful, and self-proclaimed marketers at the moment who both works in the field and speaks on the topic. She launched a digital online course which made her just under $1M in her first year. She went on to launch a podcast and become a NY Times Best Selling Author. Unlike her celebrity peers who cater to generic public interests, Porterfield solely focuses on marketing as a topic to her over 600K followers on social media.
  • Sarah Blakely
    This female marketer is the founder of Spanx and she was able to market her way to billions in sales. Blakely remains a huge influence in the female marketing category.
  • Wendy Clark
    Wendy Clark, a former Coca-Cola marketing veteran, became the CEO of Omnicom’s DDB North America. During her time here, the agency won new business accounts for major brands like Time Warner Cable, Miller Lite, Persil and most notably McDonald’s. It was her innovative and disruptive strategies, within the company as well as outside, that helped to revitalize the old agency. Wendy’s ability to think outside the box propelled the agency to launch initiatives such as the “We Are Unlimited” – an agency dedicated to only McDonald’s marketing efforts.
  • Solange Claudio
    Solange Claudio served as the President of Moxie, an Atlanta advertising agency under the Publicis Groupe, for a little over two years. Before this she served as the COO and EVP of Client Management. Under Solange’s leadership, Moxie went through the largest growth period in the agency’s history. She also works to achieve a more diverse workplace by developing more female leadership within the agency.

Marketing Focus Areas of Women Led Marketing Initiatives

Many current marketing initiatives today are hyper-focused on a few specific areas with women emerging as leaders in these spaces. Here are the areas of focus that are considered to be the biggest marketing areas of interest led by women:

  • Sustainability
    This topic is important to both men and women of all ages but female marketers are leaders in ensuring companies are successfully promoting and marketing their sustainability efforts.
  • Giving Back
    Women marketers also successfully promote the giving aspect of a business. It is extremely important for companies to give back to the community and also share that news to their customers so they know they are supporting a company who has their best interests in mind.
  • Cultural Topics
    In the United States, focusing on the actual workplace culture, and promoting it across every part of a company, is being led by women who spotlight the strength of companies that care for every employee perspective and also utilizes its resources to grow its culture at all levels . In addition, this also inspires other companies to take the same actions.

The success of women-led marketing initiatives can benefit companies of all sizes so contact us to learn how to put them to work for your business.

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