The Goal is Net Zero – How Can Print Companies Help?
The Goal is Net Zero - How Can Print Companies Help?

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January 22, 2024

As shown in the title of this section, net zero emissions is an overall print industry goal as it ensures the carbon dioxide produced by humans is removed from the atmosphere via natural means or technological means. We will go into greater detail about how print companies can help achieve net zero but some of the main steps include reducing paper waste, reducing energy consumption, and offsetting carbon emissions. These steps work towards achieving net zero carbon where the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity is no greater than the amount that is taken away. Let’s continue our examination of this topic by defining exactly what is net zero.

What is Net Zero

Net Zero is considered to be a popular buzzword in the world of climate action. The reduction of net zero emissions means an equal amount of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere as the amount that is released into the atmosphere. One of the goals of net zero is climate stability as well as an accounting system that follows and measures the progress made towards the net zero goal. It is important to remember emissions will continue to happen but they will be offset by the absorption of an equal amount of emissions from the atmosphere. Since carbon dioxide emissions are the main cause of climate change and global warming, it is critical to take action in this decade.

What Affects Net Zero Carbon in the Print Industry?

The print industry can have a large impact on the environment by reducing its environmental impact in the coming years.

Digital printing contributes to sustainability as it produces fewer CO2 emissions than traditional printing. In addition, default toner selection settings can reduce the environmental impact of toner cartridges.

The print industry can also make changes by working with print suppliers who offer sustainable products and solutions such as sustainable ink and toners along with energy efficiency and environmentally-certified products.

Printers can also change their company vehicles to electric vehicles so less air and climate pollution is produced.

How Print Service Providers Can Help in Achieving Net Zero Emissions

There are additional steps print service providers can take to achieve net zero emissions:

One of the first steps is using eco-friendly materials including water-based coatings, soy-based inks, and packaging that is biodegradable.

The reduction of energy consumption can be achieved by optimizing production processes and switching to renewable energy sources. By reducing paper usage and performing responsible printing practices, their carbon footprint can be reduced by not performing unnecessary print jobs and implementing a waste reduction program to lessen the amount of waste generated by recycling and composting.

Net zero emissions can be achieved by taking the steps outlined in this article and by contacting our environmentally conscious team today.

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