What Questions Should A Marketing Agency Ask A Print Company?
What Questions Should A Marketing Agency Ask A Print Company?

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March 15, 2024

The collaboration between marketing agencies and print companies plays a critical role in creating a smooth and long lasting operation. Ensuring a smooth and successful partnership requires marketing agencies to ask the right questions before embarking on projects. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the “must ask” questions marketing agencies should make when selecting and working with a print company.

1. What Printing Services Do You Offer?

It’s essential to know the range of services a print company offers. Do they specialize in digital printing, offset printing, or both? Can they handle large-format printing for banners and posters? Understanding their capabilities will help you assess if they can meet the diverse needs of your clients.

2. Can You Provide Examples of Previous Work?

Asking for a portfolio or samples of previous projects gives you insight into the quality of work and the types of projects the print company has handled. This will also help you gauge their expertise in specific areas, such as luxury packaging or high-volume direct mail campaigns.

3. What Is Your Project Management Process?

Understanding how a print company manages projects from start to finish is crucial for smooth collaboration. Inquire about their workflow, timelines, and communication channels. Knowing who your point of contact will be and how they handle revisions and feedback can prevent misunderstandings and delays.

4. How Do You Ensure Quality Control?

Quality is paramount in print projects. Ask about the measures they have in place for quality control. Do they perform regular checks during the printing process? How do they ensure color accuracy and consistency across all materials? Clarifying these points upfront can save you from potential issues later on.

5. What Sustainable Practices Do You Follow?

With growing environmental concerns, many clients prefer working with companies that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. Inquire about the print company’s use of eco-friendly materials, recycling programs, and energy-efficient processes. This can be a selling point for your projects and align with your agency’s sustainability goals.

6. What Are Your Pricing Structures and Payment Terms?

Understanding the cost implications is critical for budget management. Ask about their pricing models for different services and any additional costs that might arise, such as for rush orders or extensive revisions. Also, clarify their payment terms to align with your agency’s financial processes.

7. What Is Your Average Turnaround Time?

Timeliness can be a deal-breaker for many projects. Inquire about their standard turnaround times and their flexibility to accommodate urgent projects. This will help you manage client expectations and deadlines more effectively.

8. How Do You Handle Shipping and Distribution?

For projects that require shipping, understanding the logistics is key. Ask about their shipping methods, costs, and the ability to track orders. If your projects involve direct mail, inquire if they offer mailing services and can handle distribution to a list of addresses.

9. How Do You Stay Updated with Industry Trends?

The print industry is continually evolving, with new technologies and materials emerging regularly. A print company that invests in the latest technology and innovative techniques can offer you more creative solutions. Ask how they stay abreast of industry trends and how they can bring innovation to your projects.

10. Can You Provide Design Support or Recommendations?

While your agency may handle design in-house, a print company with a strong understanding of design principles can offer valuable input. Ask if they can provide design recommendations or support to ensure your materials are not only visually appealing but also print-ready.

11. How Do You Handle Confidentiality and Data Protection?

For projects involving sensitive information, it’s crucial to ensure that your print partner takes confidentiality seriously. Inquire about their data protection policies and how they safeguard client information, especially for direct mail campaigns that use personal data.

Selecting the right print company is a critical decision for marketing agencies that can significantly impact the success of their print campaigns. By asking these comprehensive questions, agencies can ensure they choose a partner that aligns with their quality standards, project requirements, and values. A strong collaboration between marketing agencies and print companies can lead to innovative, high-quality projects that resonate with audiences and exceed client expectations.

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