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Data Modeling, Analytics, Acquisition

It’s no secret that there is gold in your customer database.

Database marketing is ROI’s best-kept secret.

Your customer database contains valuable insight about your customers that can help you improve profitability. NextPage can help you enhance your database marketing and improve your ROI with:

  • Flexible Database Management
  • Highly-Targeted Marketing Campaigns
  • Data Cleansing Services

Your place or ours? Flexible database management is key.

Finding the right database tools can be a challenge.  Some clients have a strong data warehouse or CRM system in place, other clients are still trying to determine where to start. Our clients look to us for advice and often allow us to:

  • Connect directly to the data in their CRM system or external databases, such as Exact Target, Experian and InfoUSA through our secure API.
  • Export and deliver data automatically from the database to our production environment.
  • Pull and push information through automated web services that use XML feeds, providing scheduled execution and reporting for database marketing touches.
  • Provide secure database hosting with our Marketing Communication Portals.
  • With the right tools in place, it’s possible to transform your database into a profit-driving machine for personalized printing and multi-channel marketing.

It’s the 20% in your database that matter.

If you’re like most companies, 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Targeting your most profitable customers requires focused database marketing technology that NextPage can deploy to help you execute and deliver your message.

NextPage marketing specialists will also help you acquire data for consumers or businesses that match the profile of your most profitable customers, and help you convert them with integrated mail, email and PURLs.

Efficient, timely, and cost-effective data cleansing services.

NextPage database technicians and automated systems can help you identify and correct incomplete or dated data in your marketing database, heightening response rates, reducing waste, and achieving lower postal rates.

Our data cleansing services include merge/purge and de-duplication of address records, data appending, National Change of Address Processing (NCOA), CASS certifying, postal presorting, key coding and data standardization.

Data security is paramount to success.

Your database is your lifeblood. That’s why NextPage takes its clients’ security to great depths, including operating from a controlled underground environment. NextPage utilizes redundant physical and technological systems to protect clients’ databases, accounts and trade secrets from corruption or the prying eyes of competitors.

Physical access to NextPage’s underground location is monitored 24 hours a day, and the building is secured by programmable electronic locks, allowing NextPage to monitor and control entrance. All servers that contain sensitive data are further protected in a secure data center.

NextPage takes a layered approach to data backup, including redundant secure servers, hard disks (RAID), staged power and network paths to ensure up-time in the event of a single failure. All data is backed up to cloud services in a DDC process, and stored in a secure offsite location.  Data security protocol is under a constant state of review to provide the strongest protection possible.


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