6 Ways A Marketing Portal Can Help Your Business

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December 26, 2017

Marketing Portals, Marketing Storefronts, or Marketing Communication Portals offer a marketing asset management solution that can serve a wide range of industries, including retail stores, dealer networks, distributed sales forces, and franchise systems. Sales associates, remote offices, distributors and retail locations need access to a library of print and marketing resources via a branded secure online portal. They can order what they need, when they need it, eliminating inventory and distribution headaches.

Here are 6 ways a marketing portal can help you:

1. Each of your company’s marketing channels can be hosted and executed from a single system. Your users will save time and resources by being able to send direct mail and email, download corporate-approved advertisements, order branded print materials, schedule automatic phone call reminders, and send text messages and voice broadcasts, all from within a single portal.

2. It allows marketing and sales users to send personalized marketing messages with a single touch, or an automated campaign with a stream of multiple touches, with a single click. The automated campaigns can include touches from multiple
channels and can be sent to an individual or list of contacts.

3. Offers flexible account and billing options that allow you to control which users have access to the portal, what materials are available for each user or location, how much they are allowed to order, and how orders are billed. Your portal can be structured to allow for thousands of users to download assets and place orders… or designed to allow purchasing by satellite offices or local stores, or for centralized ordering by headquarters or regions. Your portal can also be customized for corporate billing, credit card payments by each user, split billing between the company and the user, or monthly invoices.

4. You can protect your company’s branding standards on mail, email and other marketing channels. Through adjustable customization rules, you can guard your brand, while still giving your users the flexibility they need. For example, you control the messaging options available, and if users can insert their own messaging, whether users can choose from multiple image options or upload their own, and if the user can write their own headlines, or must use what is provided.

5. User screens can be branded to your company. The look, feel and content of the portal interface is customized for your users. You can even add custom messages (and advertisements) for your users.

6. API integrations allow you to integrate with outside databases, data cleansing services, and CRM systems, such as AccuData, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Experian and Salesforce CRM. Connections can be made to your digital asset management system or data warehouse through XML data feeds, direct data/asset pulls, and SFTP file drops.

You can find this blog, plus more information to help determine if a marketing portal is right for you in the NextPage free ebook, How to Save Time and Money Using a Marketing Portal.

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