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June 14, 2012

One of the most powerful social media tools available to marketers today is the Facebook “like” button. The “like” button instantly updates people who have liked you and your business. Now you can more easily accomplish the desirable action of requesting someone to “like” your Facebook page after scanning a QR Code®. It’s a natural bridge to transport a customer from a direct mail piece or variable data print (VDP) piece to your fan page.

Linking offline business and social engagement with QR Codes is extremely lucrative. And somehow incorporating mobile marketing into your integrated marketing is important given mobile phones outnumber televisions sets four to one today. According to the value of social for an e-commerce store or business is:

Facebook Share: $14

Facebook Like:  $8

Twitter Tweet:  $5

Twitter Follow: $2

With these values in mind the top three most popular Facebook pages are pulling in the money through the sales that accompany their “likes.” Here are what Texas Hold ‘em Poker, Facebook, and Eminem “likes” are worth according to

MOST LIKED on FB           # OF LIKES                            VALUE OF LIKES

Texas Hold’em Poker        41, 979,027                            $335,832, 216

Facebook                            39,367,404                             $314, 939,232

Eminem                               35,044,405                             $272,355,240

So how do you use QR Codes to drive more likes to your business’ fan page? Likify is a free service that not only allows you to create a QR Code for liking your Facebook Page, but to also insert an image above the code that clearly identifies your business via a video, logo, or product shot.

Back to the LIKE Basics

Focusing on driving your prospect or customer to take one action is powerful. Mobile marketers know that the KISS principal is important. Using QR Codes directed to Facebook Fan Pages with an offline call to action such as “Like us!” can greatly increases social follows and engagement.

Increasing brand loyalty is a doable objective as opposed to getting someone to purchase your product after scanning a QR Code. Remember it’s the power of social engagement that can take your company far. Many marketers aren’t making the connection to social media when their print or direct mail campaigns integrate a QR Code.  62% of the time those codes lead a user to a website and only 8% to something shareable via social media.

Often directing prospects to a website may be a “one and done” solution. Maybe they will scan the code, go to your site, click off, and remember your brand later. Maybe not. However if you get the prospect to “like” your company’s Facebook page, they will be constantly updated on everything you have to engage around. This is a simple concept that is too often overlooked.

Don’t over complicated things. Instead, let get back to the basics of proving to customers we are likable and showing we have respectable products and services that may be of interest. Perhaps Sally Fields said it best in her 1995 acceptance speech at the Academy Awards.

I haven’t had an orthodox career, and I’ve wanted more than anything to have your respect. The first time I didn’t feel it, but this time I feel it, and I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”

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