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December 6, 2013

Content creation is all the rage right now and for good reason. Buyers are looking for answers to their problems by searching the web for answers. Back in the day, they’d call your company and start asking questions but these days, they look for as much information as they can possibly find without talking to a sales rep. Because who wants to talk to a sales rep right? They’ll try to sell me something I don’t want!

So you need to put good content out there. The key here is quality over quantity. OK I lied, you really need both quality AND quantity. You need quality because you need to position yourself as an author that people will look forward to reading. An expert in your field. You need quantity because there must be a consistency to your content. No one will consider you a “go-to” resource if you publish once every blue moon.

I know it all sounds great but… really? You are probably thinking, “ I have to come up with something to write about twice a month? Or better yet, twice a week? Doesn’t this guy have any idea how much I have on my plate?”  Well, yes I do. That’s why you’re still reading.

So here’s your action step. Your customers and prospects need help solving their business issues. That’s what you need to write about. Ask your sales team today (OK tomorrow will do) what questions they hear from the customers. Make a list. Sort of like FAQ’s for issues that your customers and prospects face every day. Try your best to come up with 20 or more. There you will have created a list of topics that you need to write about. Address their issues and you will be a “go to” resource.

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