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March 11, 2014

Do you remember the late 80’s? The birth of MTV revolutionized the music industry. In 2013, we’re in the throes of yet another revolution – only this time it’s shaking up the print industry. And no, print is not dead. It’s evolving, a lot like the music industry did with MTV. Musicians still record music, and print companies still print direct mail. But the digital age has brought about a whole new way of marketing: targeting the right information to the right people at the right time using the right channel.

You’ll still want traditional printed tools like branded stationery and variable-data direct mail in your arsenal of marketing materials. But now you can add efficient and effective new tools like email, mobile apps, web pages and even dimensional objects. Why stick with a one-note printing option when you can have a full soundtrack of the latest and most advanced content delivery options all available from one provider?

The team at NextPage knows printing, and they know that what’s going on in the industry right now is really a revolution.  You may know NextPage by its old name, Mail Print, a full-service printing and direct marketing company. Mail Print has been evolving along with the print industry. The company invested $3 million to adapt to the changing marketplace in 2012, and also merged in 2013 with Graphic Services Printing and L & L Manufacturing. It added the latest-and-greatest inkjet web press capable of handling huge amounts of data, and combining the features of an inkjet printer with those of digital printing presses to create individualized messages at a rate of 200 feet per minute.

The name change signifies our leading the way into in the new world of complex, data-driven, multi-channel direct marketing.  NextPage is a bunch of innovative research junkies, problem solvers, and yes, music-lovers, who can help you decide whether you need a printed page, an email, a video, a social media message, a web page, a mobile app, a text, a voice message, a line of data written into a CRM or a dimensional object to best engage your customers or prospects in any given situation. NextPage has stayed ahead of the curve by investing in new technology. Its expertise goes beyond running a press to mastering all of the technology and software that can deliver the latest in digital marketing solutions. NextPage can even help you integrate platforms so you can collect data from a variety of sources and publish the right content using the right media at the right time.

You can do all of this right at NextPage, so you don’t have to run around looking for different services in different places, and you can rest assured you have access to the most powerful tools available.

You can print just as many pieces as you need and come back for updated copies as you need them. You can insert a personalized message and/or photo based on each customer’s profile, and you can get your job printed much faster than ever before.
You know it’s gonna be all right. The Beatles were right on target when they sang about a revolution.
And they were correct that everything’s gonna be alright if you turn to NextPage for navigation through the new digital marketing cosmos. Your customers will see that you are up to date with the latest techniques and technologies when you let NextPage find the right fit for each of your marketing problems. Now that’s harmony.

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