7 Ways you can save money now with a web-to-print solution

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April 15, 2014

  1. Time savings

There can be tremendous time saved by using the template-based structure of a web-to-print solution to create, re-size, and repurpose documents.

  1. Reduction in fulfillment errors

Especially in a high-volume corporate environment, fulfillment is often handled manually, so human error rates can be very high. By moving to an automated system, errors can be greatly reduced.

  1. Reduce errors and duplication in design

Design agencies, regional offices, and others are often working with outdated materials and duplicating their design efforts, with each location paying to design its own flyers, brochures, and other collateral. By centralizing templates and design, the savings achieved by eliminating duplicate costs and content errors can be tremendous.

  1. Savings in print and postage

Print and postage costs may be slashed, as well. Volumes may drop because orders are occurring only on an as-needed basis. Why pay for printed documents that will only be thrown away? Large corporations may also benefit from ganging (combining) orders.

  1. Faster response time

What is the value of your time? Consider the extra revenue generated as a result of faster responses to inquiries or faster time to market that a web-to-print solution can provide.

  1. Improved marketing effectiveness

All of these benefits don’t even address the impact of more effective marketing. By personalizing and customizing documents, these marketing communications become more relevant to recipients and have far greater impact. Thus, W2P-generated applications can not only reduce costs but generate more revenue.

  1. Administrative cost savings

Strong integration with back-office systems means that Web-to-print solutions can solve operational problems associated with indirect goods, not just printed materials. That means savings in cost. One multi-site manufacturer with 8,800 employees was creating 11,000 orders per month using multiple, disjointed internal ordering methods. By switching to a Web-based procurement, the company has saved enough money to re-deploy four data entry positions to revenue-generating roles.

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