Success with Web-to-Print — Part 1

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April 24, 2014

Web-to-print is finding its place as a mainstream solution for solving document management and marketing challenges that deserves serious consideration for marketers of all sizes. If you are thinking about folding Web-to-print into your document management and marketing mix, here is a set of three “critical success factors” you want to keep in mind. This is the first of a three part series.

  1. Change document and marketing management models, not just the ordering interface.

Web-to-print enables you to streamline your print ordering, but if you are only thinking along those lines, you are missing the boat. Web-to-print—and, more accurately, the applications it is capable of producing—can actually revolutionize the way you approach your marketing and document production and management. That doesn’t happen merely by moving your print ordering online or by printing in shorter runs. The idea is use the technology to change the way you manage your marketing.

  1. Take advantage of all the capabilities of the solution.

You may invest in Web commerce to address a specific issue related to document management, but these solutions are capable of 1:1 printing, personalized URLs, integrated email marketing, social media integration, QR Codes, and more. These are powerful tools for creating and monitoring integrated marketing programs. Take advantage of the full range of possibilities they open to you.

Use the capabilities of this technology to maintain tight integration across all of your marketing channels. By creating a common set of design and business rules, you can produce multi-channel marketing programs with consistent branding and messaging quickly and easily. Centralizing the components of your marketing campaign under a single solution also minimizes mistakes and saves money.

  1. Use the tracking and campaign monitoring functions of these solutions.

Many Web-to-print solutions include “marketing dashboards” that allow you to track the components of the campaigns in a centralized location. You can watch response rates in real time, compare the success of different channels, different lists, and different test groups, then tweak and refine your campaigns based on what you learn. You can even do it in real time. These are powerful tools, use them!

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