4 Easy Ways to Track the Success of Your Direct Mail Campaign

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July 10, 2017

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Ask marketers how to gauge the success of their direct mail campaigns, and the answer inevitably points to ROI. One of the biggest reasons a direct mail campaign fails is the inability to measure success. If you cannot accurately track results, your enthusiasm level drops. The key, according to Allegra Marketing Services, is to establish the tracking process up front. Here are four factors it says you should add to your tracking template:

No. 1 Response rate

How many people did something as a result of your campaign?

No. 2 Sales

How many sales did you make as a result of this campaign? (Be sure to measure against each call-to-action included in your campaign – 800 number, website, reply card, etc.)

No. 3 Change in behavior

Were you successful in driving people to more efficient and less costly channels, a website vs. a call center? What is your savings?

No. 4 Information

Were you able to capture updated or additional information from prospects and customers that will help you with future marketing efforts?

This article appears in the new July/August 2017 issue of Connect magazine published by NextPage, which can be found online here. If you would like a free print subscription to Connect, please click here.


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