5 Business Hacks to Attract New Customers

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September 5, 2017

There are a few different things you can do to your business that are proven to help your business and make it visible to more potential customers.

  1. Use Social Media to get to connect with potential customers

Online marketing plays a vital role in this contemporary era. In our new digital age, social media marketing platform is on the rise and has become an indispensable platform for any business to create brand awareness in today’s competitive market.

Optimizing your social media accounts takes very little time to do and can significantly increase your reach.

If your business does not currently have social media accounts, now’s the time to create them. Create accounts on the platforms your customers are on such as:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Once you have social media accounts, is very important to optimize them to get the best from them.

One of the best ways to attract more customers on social media is posting content related to your business. Posting regularly will also help get your business into the minds of consumers. Try to choose a time of a day a post something every day, every other day, every week, but do not overwhelm your viewers with lots of post in one day. Keep content fresh.

Social sharing can help you grow your customer base and get new people in your demographic interested in your business.

  1. Improve your website SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO will improve your website. Without SEO, your website may never gain the exposure it needs to rank highly. Unless your site is properly optimized to load quickly, target the most relevant keywords, and directly compete with others in your industry, you may find that it is hard to increase your sales online without investing a fortune in other marketing tactics.

SEO affects your website’s visibility on search engines. This means that the better optimized your website is through SEO, the more likely your website shows up on the first page of Google, which will make customers more likely to visit your business’s website.

SEO is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines according to your target, location and so on. For example, if you have a French Cuisine restaurant in Miami, FL, you would have to focus on Miami SEO strategies. This way, your website would reach the people who lives in Miami and has interest about French cuisine, to later expand to a bigger market. SEO is based on specificity over generality.

There are many benefits to outsourcing your SEO. In the long run, these benefits greatly return your investment by increasing your reach. Also SEO takes experience and especially time that you could be investing doing other stuff to improve your business itself.

  1. Engage with loyal customers

Interacting with your clients is another way to attract more customers. Increase customer engagement by replying to comments on social media and spotlighting loyal customers. One of the most effective ways in building emotional connections with customers is to prove that they are dealing with an actual person and not just a nameless, faceless corporation. Introduce yourself, use team member images in social media or forums, include author bios on your blog and/or make someone your brand ambassador.

By making your customers feel valued, you can make clients feel persuaded to share your business to their social circles and hopefully start a domino effect for your business’s advantage.

  1. Collaborate with Local Businesses

One way your business can gain new customers is through partnering with local businesses. Partnering with local businesses is mutually beneficial for both parties involved. It can get your respective customer bases interested in the other business, which can attract more customers and increase sales for both businesses involved. Be sure to choose businesses that are right for you.

  1. Contests

Last but not least, interact with customers by offering contests. People love getting stuff for free so take advantage of that and hold a contest for your customers. Not only will you grab their attention, you’ll also engage them by rewarding them for their participation and try new products.

You can generate contests in social media platforms.  You could give away a gift card for subscribing to your email newsletter, holding a photo contest with your custom business hashtag on Instagram, and featuring the funniest video of your customers using your product on your Facebook account. Another idea, for a photographer, for example, could be to give a free photo shooting between the people who share your website or a specific post.


Guest Blogger – Jason Mayoral

Jason Mayoral

Jason Mayoral has been actively involved in SEO and Internet marketing since 1999. Jason’s knowledge and experience have made him one of the most respected and referenced SEO’s in the industry and his passion for innovation and growth has led his company, RebelCorp.us, to become one of the world’s leading online marketing firms.


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