9 Ways to Boost Your Next Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

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November 28, 2017

In a digital world, direct mail is still a strong marketing strategy with up to 1100% ROI. Modern technology has found its way to integrate with direct mail marketing in new and exciting ways, some of which we’ve already seen and others that are in development. They are simple to use and easy to track. Here are 9 standout strategies for your next direct mail campaign, taken from the USPSDelivers.com white paper, Direct Mail Differentiators: 9 Ways To Boost Your Next Marketing Campaign.

  1. QR Codes

The familiar black-and-white grid of squares seen in print is a universal indicator that the page connects to digital content. The most popular QR code campaigns link to either a video or app download. Marketers report an average of 80 million QR code scans per year from users ages 25-55.

  1. Video in Print

Instead of using a code that links to a video, you can put the video on the paper itself. That’s right, this enhancement actually puts a tiny video screen on the printed page. It includes buttons that let you play, pause, and choose between clips. No Wi-Fi is required to watch, however, the video play count cannot be tracked without an internet connection. One media research firm tested this and had a 100% response rate and 91% pass-along rate.

  1. Mobile in Print

A piece of mail can now be used to make calls, no phone required. This technology puts a call button or keyboard on the printed page to talk to someone or send a text. A built-in microphone and screen allow you to see and hear the message. Consumers can use this to place an order or get a price quote. On average, two calls were placed per mailer and lasted a total of six minutes.

  1. Augmented Reality

Watch an image come to life on your mobile device. Augmented reality companies track the number of scans, length of time spent, click-through rates, and more. Learning about a product through augmented reality makes it appear more valuable to the viewer. Reports show that consumers are 135% more likely to purchase a product they viewed through AR than traditional advertising.

  1. Near Field Communication

NFC tags are paper thin electric stickers that give two-way communication with your mobile device. They can be placed on a printed page and are activated by physically tapping your smart device to them. The tags unlock access to social media, app downloads, videos, exclusive offers, purchasing opportunities, and more.

  1. Conductive Ink

This new kind of “electric ink” is still in the research phase. Essentially, the ink has an electric charge that makes the page light up, play music, or activate a mobile device via Bluetooth, thus eliminating the need for wires. If this kicks in, it could potentially replace NFC technology and revamp the sound-enabled cards we currently have.

  1. Interesting Ink

Like invisible ink, chemical compounds in interesting ink make certain colors disappear and reappear under certain conditions of temperature, light, or moisture. It can unlock secret messages and engage consumers by adding the element of surprise.

  1. Customized MarketMail

Direct mail with a unique shape that cannot fit in an envelope is said to be customized. An example of this would be a postcard from the humane society shaped like an animal. Coupons are often attached to customized mail and are tracked by the number of them redeemed. One company reported almost double the response after using a Customized MarketMail campaign.

  1. 3D Mail

Just like a pop-up book, these designs fold or pop open into a free-standing three-dimensional piece. The 3D design forms automatically when opened and does not require assembly by the consumer. Companies who have done this report that 84% of respondents kept the 3D mail for a longer time period than traditional and opened it multiple times. Children would love it.

For more details and information on these growing trends, download the free USPSDelivers.com white paper here.

Reprinted with permission of USPSDelivers.com, a resource for business knowledge and insights.

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