4 Ways Window Graphics Offer Extraordinary Marketing Value
Picasso Nelson

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December 21, 2017
Picasso Nelson

Picasso graphic at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Earlier this year, PrintBig installed a window graphic of Pablo Picasso at the Nelson Adkins Art Museum to promote an exhibition of his work. Followers on social media posted that they saw it from the highway and it sparked their interest in going to the museum. There are only so many people who follow the museum online, but now thousands more are made aware of the exhibit every day as they drive by the window and say “wow.” Making impressions like this is precisely the benefit of using window graphics.

Beverly Solomon, creative director of Musee-Solomon, said, “The great department stores of the past – and a few still in business – used window displays to attract and to excite customers. The window display should give a great first impression that immediately conveys the image that you want your business to project.”

While this is true, they are not limited to department stores. Any customer-based business with a front window should have a window graphic, and here are 4 good reasons why.

1. Visual Boost

National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

Put your ads in the spots where customers are already looking. It should be obvious from first glance what kind of business you are. Retailers, especially startups and local shops, should use window art to tell customers who they are and what they do to make them want to come inside for more. Don’t leave them peeking in from outside wondering what’s in there. For instance, I wouldn’t have guessed that Peachwave was a frozen yogurt place if it weren’t for the images of yogurt and fruit on the window. Good graphics will turn heads as people walk or drive by. Plus, it’s a great visual reference for giving directions and recognition.

2. Cost Effective

Window graphics are a fraction of the cost of other media and have a high ROI. You don’t have to pay for writing, producing, or airing anything. It’s a one-step process. Graphics are easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to replace. It’s good to change them every few years to keep the building looking fresh or if you have a new campaign to promote. The weather climate ultimately determines how long they last. Graphics in sunny locations, like Arizona, can last 2-3 years while displays in cooler areas can survive 4-5 years.


3. No Permit Required

Posters and banners on the wall, outside, or in the street require permission from the city or a landlord. Windows, however, don’t need approval from anyone but you. If your business is in a location where there’s hardly any room for traditional signage, like a mall, then a window graphic is the most effective and hassle-free method to use. All you need is a window, that’s it!

4. Added Privacy

The graphics are slightly opaque, enough to let in light but not completely see-through. Places like doctor offices, spas, and gyms enjoy these because customers can have extra privacy while still enjoying the view and natural light. They also reduce your need to use blinds in the summer. Your building will feel cooler, it will never look closed off to the public, and you’ll be making constant brand impressions. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Contact PrintBig, a NextPage company, to create your own window graphic and see your company’s foot traffic step up a notch. Click here to view our window graphic portfolio.

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