How a Casino Uses Variable Data in Direct Mail
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September 6, 2018

Personalized content drives response rates up to ten times more by targeting individual consumers, and direct mail remains one of the most responsive communication channels. Knowing this, a personalized direct mail campaign is like the Super Bowl of print marketing.

Direct mail can have thousands of letters, postcards, or envelopes that all look the same except for one tiny feature. The part you interchange for each recipient is called variable data. There are numerous ways to personalize print content besides using a person’s name.

Variable data

Take a look at Prairie Band Casino and Resort, one of NextPage’s valued clients. The casino sends a monthly booklet to its regular players that include ads for upcoming events, themed nights, and promotions. On the front of the booklet, you see a special message that addresses the customer by name and a QR code that links to the event’s webpage. The contents are identical until you get to the last page where they have coupons for the players to redeem next time they visit. Some players get coupons for buffets, some get discounts on hotel rooms, and others get Prairie Cash offers for the casino. It all varies by how the customers play, what they like to play, and what they like to do when they visit the resort.

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