Why Your POS System is Crucial to Your Marketing Plan

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October 18, 2018

Technology is constantly evolving and moving forward, leaving in its wake a trail of antiquated and useless equipment. It’s been a long time since cash registers ruled the retail and restaurant world. There is a new retail king firmly in control now, and the reign is powered by another king: data. Bill Gates once said data will be king for an eternity at the earliest stages of the Information Age. Already, advanced POS systems are integrating that influence into the retail and hospitality industries. As those who make use of these advanced technologies continue to reap big rewards, it should be your biggest quest to understand how advanced POS systems could be the ultimate hack to your marketing plan.

They print detailed receipts

For obvious reasons, shoppers tend to hold onto their receipts and read them. This is peculiar because most people often throw away some of the most colorful and beautifully designed advertisement fliers. Printed fliers are a critical component of marketing, and advanced POS systems can convert your receipts into fliers by incorporating intricate details like coupons-savings and loyalty programs. They also enable you to include contact and social media information for future and better interactions. You can literally customize whichever messages you would like to relay.

Advanced POS systems can help gather customer data

You should make sure that you have POS software that can help you to collect data from for the sake of advancing your marketing agenda. While it could be great for obtaining their contacts and social media information, the real value isn’t in spamming their communication lines with promotional content. That can be annoying at times. Rather, you should lay more emphasis, through your cashiers and other sales staff, to find out the little things that your existing clientele likes. That can go a long way in marketing design and customer reach-out efforts. That’s why it is one of the leading trends in POS. Since it involves customer-staff interaction, make sure that your staff is friendly and professional. That wins over a majority of the people who are always looking for positive human and product interactions.

They track sampling and demonstration efforts for increased efficiency

Two of the most rewarding marketing efforts in retail stores and restaurants include sampling and demonstration. In-store food and beverage products are the most commonly sampled items in retail, and they always seem to generate very generous returns. Fortunately, advanced POS software eliminated the notion of perspective and brought surety through affirmative tracking. Some sampling efforts do not yield increased sales. Rather than that, they reduce sales. The same applies to the demonstration efforts put in selling electronic applications. Previously, retailers generally assumed that such efforts always brought great results. However, thanks to detail-oriented tracking via advanced sales software, that notion was disproved. While some products sell exceptionally well thanks to demonstrating efforts, some do not.

For the sake of efficiency in marketing efforts, it is always great to assess the level of success that every effort brings about. In fact, the leading trends in POS are designed via the integration of previously done comprehensive marketing research. They come with awesome features that can help you to set demonstration stands and design effective sampling methods. They can even help you to pick out the items to set up at the actual points of sale in your store for increased impulse spending.


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