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March 21, 2019

Truman Medical Center (TMC) is an academic health center in downtown Kansas City. TMC has 2 academic hospital locations, the largest behavioral health program in the area, long-term care facility, multiple primary care practices, and the busiest level one trauma center in the community. TMC is also the primary teaching hospital for the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s School of Medicine. In sum, Truman Medical Center is a massive organization that provides services from birth to seniors.

One of TMC’s unique features is the 400+ pieces of museum quality art to provide a more comforting and healing environment. Eddie Villegas, the Creative Services Manager, oversees the creative output of these 400+ pieces of art—from concept to production. Villegas teamed with NextPage to promote and reiterate the organizations brand and culture. He used a gallery wall to display keywords that represent its mission as well as pictures of physicians that model these ideals. The team chose the words: education, quality, compassion, teamwork, caring, and diversity.

In an interview with Villegas, he explains the process of how they decided to choose the words on this wall. He says, “Our corporate patient experience officer walked us through a training session that highlighted the importance of not only caring for the patients but caring about the patients.” Truman Medical’s mission is to lead the way to a healthy community. Villegas wanted to display the mission on this wall to give awareness of all the hard work that goes into to providing the best quality care to the community.

 With such a unique project, Eddie knew right away that the NextPage team would be a perfect fit to make his vision a reality. “This project would not have been possible without the collaboration and support of Josh Shelton and Aimee Hodges from NextPage,” said Villegas. “Josh and Aimee collaborated with us on every aspect of the design. From the perfect shade of blue plexiglass to the installation of the cling.” Villegas said the work was done efficiently and professionally. He also had the support of the medical center’s skilled facilities team to install the frames.

Truman Medical Centers are essential to the health and well-being of Kansas City. This project embodies all of what makes TMC a great place to receive medical care and a rewarding place to work. Villegas elaborates on this, stating, “Because of its mission to serve the underserved, TMC is essential to Kansas City. That is why I decided to use the city as a backdrop.” This wall summarizes the massive impact TMC makes on a daily basis—creating a healthy community, one patient at a time, in the heart of the city.”

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