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May 25, 2020

Move Along

Survey shows consumers ready for normalcy

In March, the United States joined many other countries in shutting down. Brands pivoted their messaging to be appropriate and sensitive for the pandemic. Consumers were flooded with daily COVID-19 emails, which 58% of consumers appreciated, according to a survey by Mitto. The survey, conducted in April 2020, gathered responses from 7,000 people across seven regions to gauge their feelings about brand communications during the crisis. The international survey found that while consumers found the increase in communications during the crisis appropriate, they are now ready to move towards a new normal. Let’s take a peek at some other findings of the survey:

Are ready right now to hear from brands about topics unrelated to COVID-19

Agreed that an increase in contact in the past few weeks was appropriate

Said that messages they received from brands made them feel like brands care about their well being

Welcomed communication informing them about changes to business that could affect them during the crisis

Said that brands made them feel less anxious about the global pandemic

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