4 Direct Mail Trends that will Get Your Mail Opened in 2021
Direct Mail Trends For 2021

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August 12, 2021

With most Americans spending much of 2020 – and 2021 at home due to COVID-19 and the resulting pandemic, getting the mail became more exciting than ever before. Many companies took advantage of this captive audience, and thus direct mail marketing increased by over 70%. However, the increase in personalized mail doesn’t mean all those materials actually landed in consumers’ hands. When done well, direct mail has a higher response rate than online tactics and reaches audiences in ways digital channels can’t. Knowing tips and tricks to optimize your direct mail marketing can drastically increase your marketing success.

4 Direct Mail Tips to Implement Today

For most American homes, it’s estimated that one in every three pieces of mail is junk mail that’s often shredded, recycled, or trashed – usually even before reading. To avoid having your personalized mail end up in a bin, keep these direct mail trends in mind:

  1. Digital Additions

Added features like QR codes and variable data help recipients easily access your information, coupons, and more, all with the swipe of a finger on a phone screen. This simple, automatic redirect can greatly increase website and blog traffic – all thanks to a simple digital code.

  1. Shape-Cut Envelopes

Shape-cut envelopes let you extend an image or graphic of the envelope’ natural edge. This new technique lets you gain increased consumer attention by making your personalized mail stand out. 

  1. Postcards

Though far from new to the direct mail trend industry, postcards are increasing in popularity. Whether to save costs on envelopes, to optimize branded space, or to optimize “above the fold” information, don’t overlook this timeless staple.

  1. Triggered and programmatic direct mail

Sent following a specific event or to guide prospects down the next stage of your sales funnel, triggered and programmatic mail, this type of direct mail marketing makes consumers feel seen by brands, at the perfect time, in a non-intrusive way. By letting your personalized mail remind recipients who you are and what you offer, you stay top-of-mind without direct communication.

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