How Printing Services Increase Efficiency for Hospitals

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September 9, 2021

Hospitals have a primary goal of increasing patients’ outcomes, but for that to occur, it takes many people with different micro goals working together. Internal and external communications from multiple departments are constant. It is crucial to maintain brand compliance as well as unified messaging to increase awareness while maintaining and attracting donors and support. All while being as efficient as possible. Using a hospital printing solution can help hospitals see up to $60,000 savings or more in marketing budgets. 

3 Ways to Improve Hospital Efficiency Through Print

  1. Use a print portal 

The systems and processes needed to efficiently store marketing materials are the last things on your mind when strategies for patient services or donor engagement require your full attention. Yet, they’re vital to your success. When you use NextPage’s print portal, it handles that work for you, freeing up your team to focus on the front end and patient care.

  1. Find a printing partner that does it all 

Leveraging one partner for all your hospital-related printing services helps you set and achieve ambitious marketing campaign goals with strict deployment timelines. The right partner should offer a wide range of printing services, done in-house, so they can offer efficient flexibility and agility while also being capable of quickly scaling with your growth. Your hospital reacts quickly to real-world events, leaving no time to plan for emergencies once they’re revealed or build campaigns around them. On-demand hospital printing services empower you to print on a moment’s notice, when and how you need it most.

  1. Focus on your niche

Working with a printer like NextPage that specializes in hospital printing services works to your advantage by freeing you up to focus on your patients. While you could educate a new print partner on pain points you – and your patients – face, this takes time and effort you can’t afford to waste. When you have a printing partner that specializes in the healthcare industry and is experienced with hospital-related marketing, you’re free to focus more resources on your patients. This ensures confidence that your printer partner knows your needs and is working to meet them.

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