Is Print Marketing Dead?
Is Commercial Print Marketing Dead?

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September 16, 2021

Adaptability makes the world go ‘round, and until recently, our industry has taken this quick evolution in stride and rolled with the punches. The print medium, though very traditional, is changing its role within society to stay relevant as a marketing format.

The print marketing industry – which used to be highly competitive with publishers fighting head-to-head for consumers to choose their magazine – is now a largely niche market. With so many businesses publishing content digitally, utilizing print marketing is now a way to stand out from the crowd. To get there, though, we need to understand where print is now to anticipate where it’s going. 

The Current State of Print in Four Points

  • The role of print has changed

Print is no longer the industry standard: it’s the exception to the rule. Print marketing is still successful because companies succeeding with it recognize that they’re separated from the white noise of the digital world.

  • Today’s printing goes beyond traditional print

Have you ever considered using direct mail printing to better connect with recipients? If you’re relying solely on digital communications, you’re missing out! Research shows that direct mail printing receives an average of 9% engagement, where email marketing receives less than 1%. Exploring how to add direct mail campaigns to your existing marketing efforts can only help propel you to success.

  • Quality printed pieces still stand out, even in the evolving digital age

New print marketing methods emerge nearly everyday. High-quality materials continue to be successful in attracting and retaining customer support. The best email in the world cannot beat a personalized piece of direct mail on a great stock.

Future of Print

It’s time to walk away from the idea that print marketing is dead. Instead, learn to embrace new communication mediums and vehicles to best position your company to not just stay afloat, but thrive in the print marketing industry. Explore opportunities to innovate existing services by incorporating digital technology and further customize the experience for your users. Continuing to evolve with your customers, especially while competitors are still caught in the past, you’ll keep their attention and their business.  

Embracing the future of print takes the right partner: if you’re not sure yours is setting you up for success, let’s talk.

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