Five Trends Shaping The Future of Print
Five Trends Shaping The Future of Print

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May 26, 2022

Much like many other industries across the United States (and around the globe), current research shows the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many global industries and this includes the print industry of America. The challenges facing print manufacturing companies during the lockdown had a major impact on the hierarchy of print technology operations. 

Did you know the United States has around 25,000 companies specializing in commercial printing? The print industry generates about $900-billion in revenue on an annual basis. One of the reasons print manufacturing stays so successful is the creation of advanced print technology. The technology of the future is here today and it is embracing innovative media and communication capabilities that go beyond what can currently be imagined. 

Take a look below at five trends that look to be shaping the future of print

Five Trends to Keep Top of Mind

The printing trends listed below are both innovative and able to adapt to customized digital printing technologies. They all have benefits and results that get the attention of an audience that was not there for printed materials during the early pandemic lockdown as consumers stopped visiting business such as retail shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels. Forcing a rethink.

  • Packaging Innovations: Amazon has definitely shown the world the difference made by professionally designed labels and packaging. Some experts claim that customizable and high-end packaging with labels and printed tape on boxes is more for millennials but this does not appear to be the case. Advanced print technology is also customizable, just like Amazon, which makes on-demand printed items more accessible for customers. In general, packaging innovation is creating a large opportunity for increased profits as sales continue to climb.
  • eCommerce: There is an immediate business requirement for eCommerce packages that can be fulfilled with industry-leading print technology. Companies are now able to provide value-added services that were not available in the past such as variable options for data collection. E-retailers can add this feature once they electronically receive orders as eCommerce-driven packaging delivers a personal connection with customers because the usual barriers are no longer there.
  • “Smart Printing”: AI is playing a large role in driving trends in the printing industry. Smart printers allow printing service providers to save both paper and resources. Printing companies can use print management software, that makes use of smart algorithms, to recommend custom layouts and minimize the use of paper. In addition, printing sensors indicate the need for machine maintenance or ink replacement and this helps to reduce printer downtime. AI can also automatically reroute printing jobs which increases printer efficiency.
  • 3D Printing: The advent of high-tech 3D printers, at affordable prices, has been a boon to various industries such as construction, automotive, education, furniture, eyewear, aerospace and more! 3D printing technology is a fast-growing trend that needs to be implemented by print companies so they have the latest technology that can result in huge profits.
  • Going Green: Sustainable printing practices have become necessary thanks to increased environmental awareness among the public. Many companies have implemented sustainable printing methods like LED UV printing, digital printing and using recycled paper. Plus, brands have started selling products that promote sustainability (such as apparel made from recycled materials) and also promoting it as another packaging alternative.

Follow the trends above for economical and innovative printed products of any kind.

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